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Withajay – TELL ME WHY (Review)

Music Review for the new single, 'TELL ME WHY' released by Withajay Withajay to release brand new studio single: Tell Me Why July 2020 - Withajay...

Jordan E. Spivack – July To September (Review)

Music Review for the new release, 'July to September ' by Jordan E. Spivack Jordan E. Spivack has just released his brand new jazz single...

Heavy America – If You Care (Review)

Heavy America introducing brand new single: If You Care July 2020 - Heavy America is a band with a focus on creating powerful alternative rock...

Bent Roads Tavern – Hard Reset (Review)

Music Review for the new release, 'Hard Reset' by Bent Roads Tavern July 2020 - At times, we all need to start over real bad,...

Good for Nothing – This Life’s a Joke (Review)

Music review for the new album release, 'This Life’s a Joke' by Good for Nothing July 2020 - Good for Nothing is a band who...

The Talking Tears – Six Magical Songs (Review)

Check out ArtistRack's review of 'Six Magical Songs' by The Talking Tears: The Talking Tears is an artist with a focus on creating music that explores...

Kate Magdalena – Shores of Avalon (Review)

Music review for the brand new studio single: Shores of Avalon by Kate Magdalena June 2020 - Kate Magdalena is a singer and songwriter who...

Just Mill – ChristMode Radio (Review)

Music review for, 'ChristMode Radio' a brand new release by Just Mill June 2020 - Just Mill is an artist who doesn’t just want to...

Stephh V – Only You (feat Egzon) (Review)

Music Review for the brand new release, 'Only You' from Stephh V featuring Egzon Stephh V introducing a brand new collaboration with Egzon: Only You. Stephh...

The Talking Tears – Sine Nomine (Review)

Music Review for the brand new studio release: Sine Nomine by The Talking Tears June 2020 - Sine Nomine, “Without a Name” is the ironic...


The Christ - I Am LOVE

The Christ – I Am LOVE

Hip Hop artist The Christ presents his new release, 'I Am LOVE' Hi its me! Not Jesus Christ but The Christ. He did His and...
Kulture Free-Dem - Juss Barz

Kulture Free-Dem – Juss Barz

Kulture Free-Dem returns with the visuals for his new single, 'Juss Barz' Kulture Free-Dem is a well established rapper and artist who comes from the...
Curtdarula - For My Fans

Curtdarula – For My Fans

Curtdarula announces the release of his new album, 'For My Fans' This release is about my life summed up from the last 6 months of...
Easy Blended - Airport

Easy Blended – Airport

Easy Blended presents the visuals for new single, 'Airport' Blended music from Switzerland... PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE

Isa Bangz – Udat Na Me

Isa Bangz is back with a new release: Udat Na Me December 2020 - British / Sierra Leonean rap artist Isa Bangz approaches music with...
SVI - Acariciarte

SVI – Acariciarte

SVI release their exciting new single, 'Acariciarte' SVI is an Electro/Pop band from Los Angeles, CA. Robert Dobbs and Yoga Shyp formed the band in...
Young Dali - Joy Riding

Young Dali – Joy Riding

Young Dali presents his latest single "Joy Riding", available on all platforms now! https://open.spotify.com/track/5K06IZDUw0cLZD4rrrtdKz?si=EfdcSNReRE61CY_OEW6YzQ FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Triston Fivestar - It’s Your Birthday

Triston Fivestar – It’s Your Birthday

Triston Fivestar proudly presents his single, 'It’s Your Birthday' Triston Sinclair, aka Triston Fivestar is a young talented artist who resides in the Greater Toronto...
Vintage Daz & Lil Reggie - Backwood Freestyle

Vintage Daz & Lil Reggie – Backwood Freestyle

Vintage Daz and Lil Reggie link up for their New Single 'Backwood Freestyle.' The Music Video for Backwood Freestyle is now available on YouTube. https://open.spotify.com/track/0JV1V2hkoZbaat68R7eTKL?si=UZBsGKFyQm6SKYU5QZ7pMg PURCHASE...
PVA - Lou Will

PVA – Lou Will

Official Music Video for the new single, 'Lou Will' by PVA PVA aka PillXXX, Villa Juares & Yungab aka positive vibes always. A group...
REG - The Raw Remix EP

REG – The Raw Remix EP

REG releases his EP "The Raw Remix EP." This EP features remixes and unreleased tracks from "RAW." This 6-track EP will probably serve as...

Haji Outlaw – F*** Norris

Haji Outlaw introducing a new single: F*** Norris December 2020 - Haji Outlaw is an artist based in Chicago, IL. He’s a one-of-a-kind performer who brings...

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