Santinno – Don Tomas

ArtistRack brings to you 'Don Tomas' by the talented Santinno: Old school salsa with flavor on a Colombian style!! Song talks about being Afro/Colombian the pain Pass...

Tenor Heikki Halinen – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

ArtistRack brings to you 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' by the talented Tenor Heikki Halinen: 🎵 ”Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is from a Broadway...
Zachary Ochsner - The Truth

Zachary Ochsner – The Truth

New single, 'The Truth' by Zachary Ochsner This song talks about the power that is in God's word. It is a song of hope that...
Emerald Wave - A Waves Cry

Emerald Wave – A Waves Cry

The Emerald Wave is back with the new single 'A Waves Cry', which is also the final track from the Emerald Wave for 2019....see...
Roger Ortega - Last Christmas

Roger Ortega – Last Christmas

Roger Ortega presenting his new festive single, 'Last Christmas' It’s a classic that has been done and redone but Roger has never felt like any...
Casey Baer ft. Tayler Holder Christmas Time Valentine

Casey Baer ft. Tayler Holder Christmas Time Valentine

Christmas Time Valentine is an original Christmas song performed by Casey Baer featuring Tayler Holder. Do not miss out on listening to this festive single...
Giuliano Perticara - In Rachel’s Eyes

Giuliano Perticara – In Rachel’s Eyes

Giuliano Perticara proudly presents, 'In Rachel’s Eyes' a song taken off his full album 'Works 2010-2015' This is a song taken from my 3rd album:...
Asher Evergreen - Rejected

Asher Evergreen – Rejected

Asher Evergreen presents her exciting new single, 'Rejected' Some releases catch your attention from the very beginning – that first note, beat or vocal chord...
Brady Novotny - Passions Collide

Brady Novotny – Passions Collide

Brady Novotny is back with his exciting new release titled, 'Passions Collide' Pittsburgh native Brady Novotny is no stranger to the stage, or the world...
Emerald Wave - Transcendant Existance

Emerald Wave – Transcendant Existance

Transcendant Existance is the first track of the fluidic perceptions EP released under the Emerald Wave Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/track/0f0clDTnLJDLAc82KUsIxD?si=ucq-baJvQq2BAUqMnBVIOw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Featured Music

Robert Church – Celebrity

DJ PsyKosis – K17LMONGER

Emiko – Great North Road

Ohmxe – Iss4 U

Cuddles – Monstrz

Black Angel - Georgene

Black Angel – Georgene

Jah Rasta - 247 PM

Jah Rasta – 247 PM

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