Yxung Boss - Wish

Yxung Boss – Wish

Yxung Boss introduces his new single release, 'Wish' https://open.spotify.com/track/4iVXTBR3rTIZjMxIJR1rF0?si=yBAO1MCwR_--nMC0Aqd_og  
Uone & Western - Silky Moments

Uone & Western – Silky Moments

Uone & Western present their latest track, 'Silky Moments' Australian electronic duo, Uone & Western, is set to release their collaborative album ‘The Lone...
Certain.Of.Nothing - Awake

Certain.Of.Nothing – Awake

Certain.Of.Nothing introducing a brand new studio single: Awake. October 2020 - Certain.Of.Nothing is a production duo consisting of Cheyne Smith and Tim Baker, collaborating on...
DJ Spen and Cornell CC Carter - Keep Your Head To The Sky

DJ Spen and Cornell CC Carter – Keep Your Head To The Sky

DJ Spen and Cornell CC Carter collab on their new single, 'Keep Your Head To The Sky' Quantize Recordings celebrates its 300th release with DJ...


BLACKPITCH presents, 'Rollcall' Berlin based electronic music artist Blackpitch returns with a new song, in his own words it is compared to “Blond Redhead meets...
Dizzystylz - Asteroid Theory

Dizzystylz – Asteroid Theory

Dizzystylz announces the release of his new album, 'Asteroid Theory' DizzyStylz is a Synthpop musician hailing from the sunny side of Riverside County California. Possessing...
In Service - Give Up

In Service – Give Up

Brand new album by In Service titled, 'Give Up' This album was written and recorded via lockdown due to the pandemic. All music is guitar...
Von Reamer Presents - You Got the Groove

Von Reamer Presents – You Got the Groove

Von Reamer Presents - You Got the Groove (Music Video) An ECO-ROCK production about when dreams become real. Nature boy rock ‘n’ roll meet original...
Invisible Triangles - Amethyst

Invisible Triangles – Amethyst

Invisible Triangles return with their new single release, 'Amethyst' A song about energy, love and friendship. Also it’s about a stone. https://open.spotify.com/track/1y6m82dPYnTLoiLDfQmhIt?si=jnkaQ-5ERiukuvtiSdd5QQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK...
Emfasis feat Dibbz - The Less You Know

Emfasis feat Dibbz – The Less You Know

The Less You Know by Emfasis feat Dibbz  Could not wait any longer to throw out some music so without further ado I give you The...

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