Amanda Lynne - Does It Get Lonely

Amanda Lynne – Does It Get Lonely

Amanda Lynne releases her latest project titled 'Does It Get Lonely'  Amanda is a power vocalist in the Baltimore/DC music scene. She released her first...

SoullessProphet – Sanity’s Playtime [Explicit]

ArtistRack brings to you 'Sanity's Playtime' by the talented SoullessProphet: This song is the heaviest in my newest album Waking Monsters. If you like what you...
Napalm Picasso - NYC Blues

Napalm Picasso – NYC Blues

Harlem artist Napalm F Picasso releases new groundbreaking single, “NYC Blues” For some artists, the environment in which they live in is actually a deep...
Burke - Escape

Burke – Escape

ArtistRack brings to you 'Escape' by Burke: A short piano piece with a relaxed atmosphere for concentration or studying or as background music. https://open.spotify.com/track/15OQ77OoNe5lSdxdliVQpB?si=orem2sSXT4-hYA2BBbYn5A     FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Delerium & JES - Stay

Delerium & JES – Stay

Revered Canadian based artists Delerium present something very special indeed, as the duo based out of Vancouver drop their forthcoming release 'Stay' on global...
FORGE - BPPvideo


FORGE introducing new release, 'BPP' (Beats Per Person) check it out here FORGE is a forward-thinking music project consisting of instrumentalist Joseph Clark Clayton, as...
Red Cherry - Jooke Jooke (We Pumpin Riddim) Soca 2018video

Red Cherry – Jooke Jooke (We Pumpin Riddim) Soca 2018

Red Cherry brings to us her new release 'Jooke Jooke (We Pumpin Riddim) Soca 2018' I’m Who I’m “ Queen Red Cherry 🍯💫✅   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Shayne McCarter - Wrong Tone

Shayne McCarter – Wrong Tone

Shayne McCarter brings to us his new single 'Wrong Tone' If recording is an art, then art is a recording. All my works are created...
Jason Pleasant - Be Yourself

Jason Pleasant – Be Yourself

Check out the new single 'Be Yourself' by Jason Pleasant After watching the Equestria Girls special "Roller Coaster of Friendship" on Discovery Family, the voice...
BTS - Love Yourself Tear

BTS – Love Yourself Tear

BTS bring to us their latest release 'Love Yourself Tear' Quality of the music on this album, nothing feels unfinished, a filler, or pandering. Every...

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