Invisible Triangles - Amethyst

Invisible Triangles – Amethyst

Invisible Triangles return with their new single release, 'Amethyst' A song about energy, love and friendship. Also it’s about a stone. https://open.spotify.com/track/1y6m82dPYnTLoiLDfQmhIt?si=jnkaQ-5ERiukuvtiSdd5QQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK...
Emfasis feat Dibbz - The Less You Know

Emfasis feat Dibbz – The Less You Know

The Less You Know by Emfasis feat Dibbz  Could not wait any longer to throw out some music so without further ado I give you The...
Alejandro J. Miramontes - Cinematic Frames

Alejandro J. Miramontes – Cinematic Frames

Alejandro J. Miramontes presents new release: Cinematic Frames https://open.spotify.com/album/0EpbS3goMQxLhwIJlk5ERl?si=rZxUgvvbQmmzwSDgZYEaTQ PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  WEBSITE

Vey – Choice

Vey is back on the scene with a new song: Choice. July 2020 - Singer and songwriter Vey is making a name for himself with...
Nate6 - Hard to Trust

Nate6 – Hard to Trust

New single release, 'Hard to Trust' by Nate6  Do not miss out on listening to it here https://open.spotify.com/track/4ebnBVSYb8YeUZkZlqLn7B?si=SBTaJGoWS_KL0ufpuG5EDw FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
The Rain Dogs - An Imprint Upon Time

The Rain Dogs – An Imprint Upon Time

New music release, 'An Imprint Upon Time' by The Rain Dogs The Rain Dogs are an essentially one-man band most of the time: Gareth Bouch...
Invisible Triangles - Smoke and Mirrors

Invisible Triangles – Smoke and Mirrors

Invisible Triangles have released their brand new single, 'Smoke and Mirrors' This is a socially conscious song about our current climate. They don’t give you...
Joshua Francis - Ten Commandments/Payin' My Dues

Joshua Francis – Ten Commandments/Payin’ My Dues

Joshua Francis presents his latest release: Ten Commandments/Payin' My Dues A new double A side from the transatlantic trio. Taken from the album "Southern Gothic...
Emerald Wave - Heavens Cure

Emerald Wave – Heavens Cure

The Emerald Wave is back with a brand new single 'Heavens Cure', combining my iconic wave synths with harps, bells and whistles, Heavens cure is...
Mark Ambuter - Let’s Go Home

Mark Ambuter – Let’s Go Home

Let’s Go Home - Words and Music by Mark Ambuter Mark Ambuter... Lead & Backing Vocals Stuart Epps... Guitars, Keyboards, Drums Clive Franks... Bass Juliet Epps... Backing Vocals When...

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