And the Animal - Bacalar

And the Animal – Bacalar

And the Animal presenting their brand new track, 'Bacalar' Chill beats inspired by the beauty of the turquoise color and peaceful world of Bacalar Lagoon...
Jennifer Truesdale - I Need You Tonight

Jennifer Truesdale – I Need You Tonight

I Need You Tonight by Jennifer Truesdale “I Need You Tonight” leaves a mark on listeners new and old alike thanks to its raucous sound....
Adult Future - Something Really Simple

Adult Future – Something Really Simple

Adult Future drop their new single, 'Something Really Simple' The latest single from the electro pop trio Adult Future. Melodic and slick Adult Future play...
E11is1uck - Love Scars

E11is1uck – Love Scars

E11is1uck drops his new album, 'Love Scars' The album is a puzzle within a puzzle https://open.spotify.com/album/4QEQRcJuIj0wksd1fr1KdE?si=Bj8S16AjTgSazzBfqmWslQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE
The Alphabetamines - Chemical Romance

The Alphabetamines – Chemical Romance

The Alphabetamines present their new single, 'Chemical Romance' This is the debut release by The Alphabetamines. Power Couple Natasha Sparkes & Adam Edwards created the...
Cam Clem - Molecular EP

Cam Clem – Molecular EP

Cam Clem announces his latest EP release, 'Molecular' Cam Clem has just dropped 2 heavy hitters on Red Eclipse Recordings https://open.spotify.com/album/6yf7I2XohdI3MY1Vjl79ON?si=sFIjDSTsT3OWdcCLMxNtdw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |...
Unidef - Odds and Ends

Unidef – Odds and Ends

Unidef drops new release titled, 'Odds and Ends' Programmer turned to musician https://open.spotify.com/album/16wioMuP8ioIVtw61QZhLO?si=etJJTm8fSKawcXRxvkegng&dl_branch=1
Profit & Monk - What I Live For

Profit & Monk – What I Live For

Profit & Monk has recently released a brand new song: “What I Live For” October 2021 - Profit & Monk is a music duo with...
Malonight - Galaxie

Malonight – Galaxie

Malonight presents his new album, 'Galaxie' He is from Quebec in a multicultural city through the city walls you can hear the sounds of the music...
Rhonda Head - 500 Years

Rhonda Head – 500 Years

Check out '500 Years' by Rhonda Head The song is about the residential school experience, my mother’s experience. The song is dedicated to the children...

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