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J. Irja - Bounce Back Ft Benny the Butcher (Review)

J. Irja – Bounce Back Ft Benny the Butcher (Review)

J. Irja presents: "Bounce Back" (Featuring Benny the Butcher) Feb 2023 - J. Irja is back on the scene with a brand new studio work:...
Wunda - The Last LAAF (Review)

Wunda – The Last LAAF (Review)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls2lXhvICeI&list=OLAK5uy_m39lOZVSSy_md11eFNySRVqBuFHYXvEjI Wunda has recently released a brand new studio work: "The Last LAAF" January 2023 - Wunda has recently released his new work named "The...

Silvie Rockova – Bohemian Meadow (Review)

Silvie Rockova presents: "Bohemian Meadow” (review) January 2022 - Silvie Rockova is an artist who has recently announced a new release: "Bohemian Meadow". As soon as...

Joycely Channel – Serendipity

Joycely Channel has recently released a new project: Serendipity (Review) December 2022 - Joycely Channel is an artist and songwriter with a passion for making...

Bugzee Lix – Manifest Destiny (Review)

Bugzee Lix has released a new album: Manifest Destiny December 2022 - Bugzee Lix is an artist with a focus on creating diverse and engaging...

Bri Nicole – End of the World (Review)

Bri Nicole has recently released a brand new studio project: "End of the World” (song review) December 2022 - Bri Nicole is an artist who...

Mano Michael – Fading Away (Review)

Mano Michael has recently released a new studio work: "Fading Away" December 2022 - Mano Michael (Previously known as Michael Ezoh “The Emotional Voice”) is...

Kyd Knarly – Ben 10 (Review)

Kyd Knarly is back with a new release: Ben 10 November 2022: Kyd Knarly is an artist from Canton, Ohio. He sets the bar higher...

Defective Monk – Sin Minister (Review)

https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_m56FoSfy684Paxy150blJITTd4F5lAmPA Defective Monk is back with: "Sin Minister” (REVIEW) October 2022 - Defective Monk is an artist and producer who has developed a truly unique approach....

Necosso – Summertide (Review)

Necosso has recently released a new single: Summertide (Review) October 2022 - Necosso is a one-of-a-kind artist who applies a lot of talent, skill and...

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