Secret Wish – Voodoo Nights

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Voodoo Nights’ by Secret Wish

Secret Wish, the electronic duo from Belgium, have unleashed their new EDM-infused pop single, ‘Voodoo Nights’. With its hypnotic beat, magnetic vocals, and a pulsating
cadence that will make your heart race, ‘Voodoo Nights’ is one you will not want to miss!

‘Voodoo Nights’ features an alluring atmosphere that evokes the mystique of voodoo spirits and the enigmatic world they inhabit. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a bewitching and
mysterious nightlife experience. Also, this release is a pure celebration of the exotic, a trip to a realm where anything can happen.

Secret Wish have gone above and beyond by releasing a series of remixes by Uwaukh, Tronix DJ, Raf Thing, Mario V, DJ Ferre, DJ Combo, Brainrek, and 2Crazy4U
Djs. Each remix provides a unique vantage point on the original, solidifying ‘Voodoo Nights’ as a genuine dancefloor anthem!

Check them all out!
Radio edit:

EP Part 1:

EP Part 2:

So, are you ready for ‘Voodoo Nights’ by Secret Wish?



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