Davide Moscato - Mental Maze

Davide Moscato – Mental Maze

ArtistRack brings to you 'Mental Maze' by Davide Moscato: 2 album released, The Golden Dawn of the Tramp (2012), Mental Maze (2016) edited by Seahorse...
Nimo & The Light - Naked Soul

Nimo & The Light – Naked Soul

Nimo & The Light presenting you with their new single, 'Naked Soul' “Naked soul” is a mellow vibey love song/ duet featuring singer Diana Hickman....
Tune"Smith - Catch A Break

Tune”Smith – Catch A Break

Tune"Smith presenting their new single, 'Catch A Break' Everybody needs a break from money issues, relationship problems, or just drama. This song is for those...
Veech - Akpuruachia

Veech – Akpuruachia

Veech is back with a new AfroLife Vibe tune titled 'Akpuruachia' Akpuruachia means “Sip Liquor & Smile”. On this tune Veech is passing a message...
Zufo - Antigun

Zufo – Antigun

ArtistRack brings to you 'Antigun' by Zufo: Long ago I realized I wanted to write music and I rented a four-track (cassette) and locked myself...
Teach Me Human - Tell me that you love me

Teach Me Human – Tell me that you love me

“Tell me that you love me” by the talented Teach Me Human was written in Iraq during the Air Force deployment in 2018. The song...
Leave It To Us - Guilty Pleasurevideo

Leave It To Us – Guilty Pleasure

ArtistRack brings to you 'Guilty Pleasure' by Leave It To Us: Guilty Pleasure is the tale of forbidden love, hidden desires, and taking that leap of...
Marty Crown - Passion

Marty Crown – Passion

Marty Crown releases her exciting new single, 'Passion' check it out here Marty Crown takes you to the electro-cosmic world with pop hallmarks like great...
Ariel Miranda - Thoughts

Ariel Miranda – Thoughts

Ariel Miranda proudly presenting her exciting new single, 'Thoughts' Ariel Miranda is a 16 year old up and coming alternative pop artist from Tucson, Arizona....
Ty’ris - Heartbreak ft $ilky

Ty’ris – Heartbreak ft $ilky

Ty’ris proudly releases his new single, 'Heartbreak' ft $ilky All my music comes from the soul hope you enjoy FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

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