Interview with 'Hazardus'

Interview with ‘Hazardus’

Interview with 'Hazardus' Hi! I'm Hazardus and thank you for having me. Where are you from? I'm South Mills, North Carolina. It's a really small town in...
Interview with 'Ramz Finest'

Interview with ‘Ramz Finest’

Hi, my names "Ramz Finest" . I make all types of music, rap, track, hip hop, r&b. I currently switch between showing my face...
Interview with 'Aryn'

Interview with ‘Aryn’

Aryn is an independent artist from Edmonton, Canada and she goes to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She is 21 years old...
Introducing 'Barba'

Introducing ‘Barba’

Hi everyone! I’m Barba and I live in Italy. I have been a DJ/Producer since 2015,and music is my big passion. My main goal is to...
Interview with 'Finesse'

Interview with ‘Finesse’

I was born and raised in the DC area but living in NC the past 15 years. Music has always been a passion of...
Introdcing, 'Official HSM'

Introducing, ‘Official HSM’

Introducing, 'Official HSM' Official H$M is an American hip hop artist from the westside of Chicago, IL. Created H$M (Hustlers Surround Money) group/label alongside childhood...
Introducing 'Greg Monk'

Introducing ‘Greg Monk’

Introducing 'Greg Monk' Greg Monk is singer and songwriter committed to being a vessel for the Lord. Born in Dallas, Texas to a musical family,...
Interview Jah Zanotti

Interview with Jah Zanotti

Artist coming out of Brooklyn New York FLATBUSH Section to be exact. I got a single called {never let me down} That’s streaming on...
Interview with 'Patt Perfect'

Interview with ‘Patt Perfect’

Known For His Rapid-fire Flows & Creative Punch lines Patt Perfect Makes it look easy & is skillfully Unpredictable & it’s working to his...
Introducing, 'Olen'

Introducing, ‘Olen’

Joshua Olen Richards (aka Olen) is a singer/songwriter/producer from Ottawa, Kansas. Olen’s influences range from rock bands like Nirvana and Linkin Park, to rappers like...

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