Interview with 'YxungR8'

Interview with ‘YxungR8’

YxungR8 (Born October 23, 2004) is an upcoming Rapper/Producer from Hampton, Virginia. YxungR8 came up with his name because his favorite car is an...
Interview with, 'Itz MK Groove'

Interview with, ‘Itz MK Groove’

Interview with, 'Itz MK Groove' I’m Not Much the Bragger Not like I Can’t. Haughtiness Ruins Blessings Where are you from? South Carolina How long have you been...
Interview with, 'PleasureMore'

Interview with, ‘PleasureMore’

PleasureMore Announces his new single 70's classic soul hit "Break Up to Make Up" This time tested classic is for music lovers around the globe...
Introducing 'Bizz The Prince'

Bizz The Prince Amid Artist Who Postponed Albums In 2020

“Bizz The Prince Amid Artist Who Postponed Albums In 2020”. “Hip Hop and R&B Artist Continue To Reschedule Release Dates In 2020.” December 18, 2020 was...
Interview with, 'R2B Woosie'

Interview with, ‘R2B Woosie’

R2B Woosie is a 25 year-old artist from Anniston, Alabama that's recently made Huntsville his home within the last year. After steadily recording and...
Introducing 'Strat'

Introducing ‘Strat’

Introducing Hip Hop artist 'Strat' “If you don’t believe in your own Greatness, no one else will,” -Kevin Hart Greatness is something many people think of...
S. Sponji Living

Interview with ‘S. Sponji Living’

Interview with 'S. Sponji Living' The new King of Reggae with a non-rasta new vision and a revolutionary music adapted to all genres. He is...
Boos Heffna presents 'Then 2 Now'

Boos Heffna presents ‘Then 2 Now’

Boos Heffna presents his new release Then 2 Now Barrnone_entertainment is stationed in NashvilleTn. Most of our artists & entertainers are from Nashville, Chicago, Michigan,...
Swish Da God

Interview with, ‘Swish Da God’

Interview with, 'Swish Da God' “He Got Bars!” You might know him as other names to Godzilla Or Samurai Swish but we know him best as...
Sonny Ganzo presents: Wu-Tang Produce 4th Disciple

Sonny Ganzo Talks “The Algorythm” by Wu-Tang’s 4th Disciple

Global Sounds Records Sonny Ganzo Says Wu-Tang Clan’s 4th Disciple Album “The Algorythm” Is A Prophecy” Global Sounds Records Sonny Ganzo sat down with us...

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