Introducing 'John Dee'

Introducing ‘John Dee’

John Dee is an artist and songwriter based out of Albany, NY. July 2020 - John Dee is a rap artist who puts a lot...
Interview with: Jae Alxndr

Interview with: Jae Alxndr

Interview with: Jae Alxndr I am a up&coming artist from Missouri. recently i was diagnosed with non hodgkin’s lymphoma and took up my first love,...
Introducing, 'Drahcir9'

Introducing, ‘Drahcir9’

West Palm Beach Artist Drachir9 is a different breed of Florida artists when it comes to expressing music. The young rapper is slowly gaining...
Interview with 'Drumkoon'

Interview with ‘Drumkoon’

Interview with 'Drumkoon' Professional HANDPAN (Spacedrum) Musician based in a small Danish village called Vorre in Skødstrup. As a small boy (In the 90s) I...
Interview with 'Lil Elevate'

Interview with ‘Lil Elevate’

Interview with 'Lil Elevate' The Kid That Never Gave Up. That’s the story of my life I was always that person that made you feel...
Interview with 'Verndolla$'

Interview with ‘Verndolla$’

Verndolla$ is an underground artist hailing from New York, Queens to be exact but he doesn’t sound like your conventional NY artist. Influenced by...
Introducing 'H.S. Botha'

Introducing ‘H.S. Botha’

Introducing 'H.S. Botha' Sean is a South African born multi-media artist. He grew up in Stellenbosch, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Sean was heavily influenced by the...
Interview wth 'Genuwine Beauty'

Interview wth ‘Genuwine Beauty’

Genuwine Beauty (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a rare type of artist who actually lives her truth and has no qualms about choosing to do so....
Interview with 'Adrenalin'

Interview with ‘Adrenalin’

Adrenalin was formed as a loosely organized group of misfits, experimenting with different sounds and moods, everything from metal to ballads to pure noise,...
Introducing, 'Freeluke'

Introducing, ‘Freeluke’

Introducing, 'Freeluke' FREELUKE, the DMV native creating a unique neo-soul and trap sound with his unique synths, loud groundbreaking 808s, and impressive vocal range. Inspiring...

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