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Interview with EXTRAORDINARY $AM

Gaining popularity threw his YouTube beat videos and instrumental mixtapes. Chicago producer EXTRAORDINARY $AM grew up listening and making music and at the young age of 12 rerecord his own mixtape using only M... Read More...

Introducing Jamon Turner

Jamon “Truebeatz” Turner was born in November 1979 in Cincinnati, OH. In 2004, Jamon “Truebeatz” had found a passion for music. He began producing beats in his Walnuthills home where he lived with his family. S... Read More...

Introducing Melody

Hello. This is Selena Robinson aka Melody. I have been making beats since high school and enjoy every moment. I feel like it's time to share my music with the world and have more people listen to what I do. My ... Read More...
Marquis Estelle

Introducing Marquis Estelle

Marquis Estelle is smooth intelligent electronica that sounds like no other music. The composer was a classically trained pianist as a child but discovered synthesizers in his teens and has written over 400 pie... Read More...

Introducing Itsciti

Itsciti is a music producer/audio engineer from out of northern new Jersey near the NYC. I started making music when i was 12 and never stopped since i first laid eyes on a pretty popular software now a days na... Read More...
Sylvester Beats

Sylvester Beats Interview

Silviu Cazacu(born January 20, 1991), professionally known as Sylvester Beats, is a Romanian Hip-Hop producer from Bacau. Founder of Bravado Creative, Cazacu has produced singles for a number of artists in a va... Read More...

Jake Allen Interview

Renowned Label Exec, Producer & Songwriter Jake Allen speaks out on what makes a hit record, how to break into the industry, and what it takes to be behind 22,000,000 streams and downloads in this exclusive interview