Starfsh Unleashes Fourth Album “Evergrowth”

Texas based Starfsh Unleashes Fourth Album "Evergrowth," a Captivating Musical Journey Exploring the Dual Nature of Mother Earth Brace yourself for an exhilarating musical odyssey...

Introducing LAsencio

0 Introducing: LAsencio LAsencio is a music producer with a focus on making music with a really diverse range of influences. His production style is a...
Eezzy Hendrix

Interview with ‘Eezzy Hendrix’

ArtistRack has the pleasurer of catching up with the talented producer 'Eezzy Hendrix': Eezzy Hendrix is a multifaceted music producer who has had his hands...
Interview with, 'Leo D Swagger'

Interview with, ‘Leo D Swagger’

Interview with, 'Leo D Swagger' Both a very talented musician and producer with years of experience in show business. He is clearly a major player in...
Introducing 'H.S. Botha'

Introducing ‘H.S. Botha’

Introducing 'H.S. Botha' Sean is a South African born multi-media artist. He grew up in Stellenbosch, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Sean was heavily influenced by the...
Interview with, 'Escapism'

Interview with, ‘Escapism’

Interview with, 'Escapism' Colorado-based, experimental solo artist, often uses natural and technical blends, creating vivid, nontraditional, scene changes, that evoke imagination and exploration into deep...
Ana Luminita Ortiz Wienken

Interview with ‘Ana Luminita Ortiz Wienken’

Ana Ortiz Wienken is a Berklee College of Music alumni, graduated with a Magna Cum Laude in Film Scoring, Conducting and Music Production. Her musical...
Introducing Producer, 'Mark Generous'

Introducing Producer, ‘Mark Generous’

Mark Generous is a Filipino-Canadian hip hop producer from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. His sound revolves around sample-based hip hop beats which he creates...
Introducing, 'Payne Pepper Jam'

Introducing, ‘Payne Pepper Jam’

Payne Pepper Jam, A songwriter with a one-of-a-kind creative vision. PAYNE PEPPER JAM (also known as Janis Payne) is a music producer and songwriter with...
Introducing 'Delta Beats'

Introducing ‘Delta Beats’

Introducing 'Delta Beats' Im dB, a Canadian producer living near Toronto. I focus on hip hop instrumentals for lyricists but make different kinds of trap...

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