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ArtistRack is one of the world’s leading music promotion platforms. Loud, proud and trusted for its hot insights, the platform launched in 2012 and helps artists to connect with new fans around the world.

The passionate team at ArtistRack has helped thousands of artists to promote and spread their music over the years. Making the most of industry insights and close connections, the team distributes music to key players in the industry including music tastemakers, radio hosts, and record labels via our email database.

Our artists find our team easy to work with and appreciate that we are dedicated to their success. It’s a pleasure to build such strong and productive relationships.


A Trusted Voice

ArtistRack maintains one of the best music blogs on the web. This makes it possible for emerging artists to share and promote their materials with a diverse and engaged audience. Press release, music videos, songs and more are regularly shared on ArtistRack.

ArtistRack is read by music fans and industry insiders alike. Those faithful readers trust ArtistRack to provide them with great artists and the latest news – when you promote with us, your music is presented to an eager audience.


A Genuine Love for Music

As one of the web’s best music blogs, it’s our pleasure to cover an immensely diverse range of genres and artists. Our team is made up of passionate music fans and we love everything from EMD to folk and everything in between.

Our readers share our passion for diversity too. This is why we have worked with so many amazing artists performing in so many genres over the years. It’s our pleasure to continue promoting new artists whatever their genre or style – we sincerely believe that the world is a better place for it!


Engaged Readers and Listeners

As well as having one of the best music blogs out there, ArtistRack helps artists to promote their music by making the most of the modern web. Our social media accounts have legions of followers and reach millions of eyes and ears each day. From Instagram to Spotify and everything in between, we make sure that your music reaches your audience where they are.

We have an immensely popular Spotify Playlist which has over 65,000 followers eagerly looking for new music. With over 500,000 streams each month, it can really spark the fire that helps to propel artists to new heights.

It’s little wonder that artists love to be included in our playlist and that they experience a significant boost to the number of fans that they have.


Moving to the Same Beat

The music industry is a tricky space to navigate and it’s often hard to read people’s intentions. Here at ArtistRack, our goals and motivations are simple: we love music and we want to help emerging artists reach their audience.

We believe that there has never been a better time to be a music lover. There is more diverse music than ever before – it’s just a matter of finding it. Each day we relish the opportunity to connect artists and listeners in new ways!