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ArtistRack is here to help Artist promote their music. We launched our music blog in 2012 and has been going strong for the last 5 years plus. ArtistRack has helped thousands of emerging Artist get their music out to the world. ArtistRack should be a must for all artist who are serious about promoting their music. We can also help distribute your music to key players in the music industry such as music tastemakers, radio stations and record labels.

AritstRack is constantly introducing new features to become the number one platform in Artist Promotion. Give our music promotion services a go and see the results. If you want to promote a press release, music video, song, single or mixtape we are the place to be.

Music is bliss. Music is timeless. Music is the best way of finding meaning to your life. The most soothing ointment to all the human sufferings and desires is this most refined art form – music. A lot of people around the world are doing music these days. It is wonderful that today’s youth are so warmly attracted to various forms and genres and sub-genres of music.

 Never in the history of human civilization has music developed so much and the several genres co- existed so beautifully. A variety of genres ranging from hip – hop and metal to country, blues and jazz, all have their audiences and are liked by a lot of people. All around the world there is some great music which is being created by a lot of young artists. Here at ArtistRack we promote various artists, bands and  musical troupes who are doing good music and are sticking to the essence of their sound.

We promote songs as well as music videos and help all you aspiring artists to reach your ultimate goal. We promote all kinds of music, we have specialised people who are immensely skilful in all the major genres like alternative rock, rock and roll, blues, jazz, country, soul, folk, pop, rhythm and blues, hip-hop and metal and other sub-genres too.

Whatever be your sound, we never compromise with it. Your sound deserves care, love and attention which you are guaranteed here in ArtistRack. If your song or your video has the magic in it, we feature them in our blog and let you reach out to a lot of people. A feature in our blog can simply change the course of your music career. The viewership in our blog may take you to your destined path.

It is very important that the good artists promote themselves well. However, the art of promotion is a different cup of tea altogether. Here, at Artistrack, we promote every kind of music and we help you reach more and more people within really quick time and with the investment of very little capital. We help the deserving artists reach their destination and we are proud of the service that we provide. You may submit your songs or song videos to us from unbelievably efficient promotions and consequent success of your ambitious songs. By seeking our world class services , you may help yourself amass a huge audience by featuring in our indie music blogs.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the team.