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Wasabi - Touch is a Move

Wasabi – Touch is a Move

Wasabi announces the release of his new album, 'Touch is a Move' Wasabi is a musician/ songwriter who allows himself to be vulnerable through his...
T San Bruno - $he Endle$

T San Bruno – $he Endle$$

T San Bruno presenting his single, '$he Endle$$' T San Bruno=emo rap artist. T San Bruno with his emo rap "$he Endle$$" song. 7 Heartbreaks...
Different Boats - Girl at the Party

Different Boats – Girl at the Party

Different Boats announce the release of their new single, 'Girl at the Party' This is our first of many songs. Different Boats is a Pop/Hip-hop/Rap...
Surve - Freedom

Surve – Freedom

Surve proudly presents his new single, 'Freedom' Hi I'm Surve first CHH artist to be wrote about in rolling stone ... First CHH artist to...


ENIGMARAPPER presents: One Take ENIGMRAPPER - ONE TAKE 2021 AFS https://open.spotify.com/track/3PfISgJm3HFQlvvlqv3Qsf?si=aj0lGrIuTXOJY2NTB1nnrQ PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
TekNoNo - Work

TekNoNo – Work

TekNoNo releases his new single, 'Work' TekNoNo is a Dj/Producer from the outskirts of Detroit. Under a different name, he has held a residency at...
Csawitall - Sicc

Csawitall – Sicc

Csawitall proudly presents his latest track, 'Sicc' Sicc is a Texas Drill/Trap song writt looen and produced by Csawitall https://open.spotify.com/track/5ciYOA9gGBzqXz1b4nLjek PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...
Min the Universe - Westworld Reanimated

Min the Universe – Westworld Reanimated

Min the Universe announces the release of his new single, 'Westworld Reanimated' NYC-based emerging EDM producer Min the Universe stepped onto the dance music scene...
Goofy A.K.A Sklusive - King Sklusive

Goofy A.K.A Sklusive – King Sklusive

Goofy A.K.A Sklusive dropping his new album, 'King Sklusive' My name is Goofy A.K.A Sklusive. My Album “King Sklusive” is a welcoming to a new...
Niglevel - Plush Boogie

Niglevel – Plush Boogie

Niglevel introducing his brand new single, 'Plush Boogie' I'm a new artist that will touch your soul. FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE

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