Jack Rootes – Drifting (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Jack Rootes present: Drifting.

October 2021 – Rap artist and songwriter Jack Rootes is not afraid to work hard and set his goals so that he can ultimately make his dreams come true. His most recent studio EP, “I Regret Nothing,” is indeed a perfect example of his style and vision, as well as his drive for producing an excellent set of tracks and giving the audience a fantastic taste of his skills as a rap artist, producer, and beyond. In fact, his most recent studio single, one of the songs from the EP titled Drifting, happens to be not only performed by Jack himself, but also recorded, produced and engineered by him, as he worked on both the vocals and the instrumentals. The song almost feels like a very on-point response to anyone who ever doubted Jack’s vision and drive to success. With his talent and persistence, he managed to show everything that he means business and he is here to stay and move up in the music world.

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