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St. Desmen - Runnin

St. Desmen – Runnin

St. Desmen is back with a brand new studio single: Runnin January 2021 - Hailing from Alicante, Spain, artist and producer St. Desmen managed to...
Sz - All the Striving

Sz – All the Striving

New single release, 'All the Striving' by Sz The song is about starting from the beginning and showing the people that doubted you that you...
Sumi - No More

Sumi – No More

Sumi introducing his new single release, 'No More' No More is undoubtedly the most famous song by the Swiss music producer "Sumi". The song hit...
Boye & Sigvardt x Kiesza - The Feelings

Boye & Sigvardt x Kiesza – The Feelings

"The Feelings" is the first original collaboration between the Danish producers Boye & Sigvardt and Canadian - Hideaway hit singer Kiesza. The song was written...
Zight, Sonna Rele - Fly Away

Zight, Sonna Rele – Fly Away

Zight & Sonna Rele drop their new single, 'Fly Away' A song for all dreamers in this very tough times. A story was written for...
Sebastian Alm - Bayou Blues

Sebastian Alm – Bayou Blues

Sebastian Alm proudly presents his new single release, 'Bayou Blues' Martin Sebastian Alm, or better know by his alias, Sebastian Alm, is an EDM artist...
TokyoXNova - Shogun

TokyoXNova – Shogun

TokyoXNova drops his new album, 'Shogun' Hi, I'm TokyoXNova. My new album "Shogun" has heavy-hitting songs that will make you headbang where ever you are!...
Sonic Radiation - Roentgen

Sonic Radiation – Roentgen

Sonic Radiation introducing his latest single release, 'Roentgen' From Dallas, Texas - Sonic Radiation, also known as Todd Last, is a solo artist who creates...


Paliki has released his latest work: THE WARM HOLE. The third record is always very important, because in a certain way, it defines better your...
Woves - Release

Woves – Release

Release is the first single from Los Angeles-based electronic group, Woves. The song is from the band's forthcoming album, Chaos Mesa. Previously, Woves has...

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