Akash - Eye Can Tell

Akash – Eye Can Tell

Akash is back on the scene with a new single, Eye Can Tell” March 2020 - Akash is a recording artist based in Bergen County,...
D.bé Jayri - Freedom Song

D.bé Jayri – Freedom Song

D.bé Jayri introducing his brand new single release, 'Freedom Song' This is my latest single from the album "Glorious, Beautiful and Black." https://open.spotify.com/track/6q3rY2jGDQhKXWTpAWMg8V?si=L1n7BMMRQPicOIs30AZmhQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
Varges Thomas - Juice

Varges Thomas – Juice

The talented Varges Thomas introduces his new single: Juice Juice is an acknowledgement and encouragement song to uplift and empower women of all backgrounds ....

KitCatK – Ghosts of the Past

KitCatK presenting her single, 'Ghosts of the Past' Hello I’m @KitCatK, I’m an Artist, Lyricist & Top Line writer. I’m a member of the ISSA...
Eddie Amador and Micfreak - Connection

Eddie Amador and Micfreak – Connection

Unquantize presents another new project titled, 'Connection' by the legendary Eddie Amador and Micfreak. “Connection” is a hooky, infectious house- stomper that’s packed full of...
Tasha LaRae and Jihad Muhammad - Till You Get There

Tasha LaRae and Jihad Muhammad – Till You Get There

This critically acclaimed tune from Tasha LaRae’s album has finally been released as a single! “Till You Get There,” produced by Jihad Muhammad, is...
Mr.Mojie Mæn Trai Southe - Im The Shit

Mr.Mojie Mæn Trai Southe – Im The Shit

Mr.Mojie Mæn Trai Southe brings to you his new single, 'Im The Shit' Motivation is key,and long as you feel important,it's doesn't matter what they...
Black Angel - Georgene

Black Angel – Georgene

Black Angel presenting their exciting new single, 'Georgene' Black Angel is from The San Francisco Bay Area California. J.C. Martin - Vocals and guitars, Courtney...
Chance Munsterman - Every Step

Chance Munsterman – Every Step

Chance Munsterman presenting his exciting new single, 'Every Step' Chance Munsterman is a singer/songwriter based in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. His latest single "Every Step" is...
Boi Wise - The Enforcer

Boi Wise – The Enforcer

Boi Wise presenting the official music video for, 'The Enforcer' Representing upstate New York, Rochester to be exact, taking the streets by storm.With this video...

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