Robert Church – Celebrity

Robert Church’s new release Celebrity will rock your new year. Celebrity is an up tempo rock song featuring signature guitar work and strong harmonies...

RYYTA – Electric K.A (Remastered)

ArtistRack brings to you 'Electric K.A (Remastered)' by the talented RYYTA: Deep base and upbeat melody. This song will energize you while take you on...

Backwardsrrip – Incendiary

ArtistRack brings to you 'Incendiary' by the talented Backwardsrrip: This is the lead single off Backwardsrrip's new mixtape.... https://open.spotify.com/track/02t18RteMWJDSpf6P7R530 PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE   

Singalong Saikat – Ek Poloke

Singalong Saikat brings to you a musical Extravaganza - 'Ek Poloke'.. A short fairy tale narrated through music. Here is the gist.... "A wild fragrance,...
Nichelle Colvin - Purple Soundtrack

Nichelle Colvin – Nichelle’s Color Purple Soundtrack

ArtistRack brings to you 'Nichelle’s Color Purple Soundtrack' by the talented Nichelle Colvin: Nichelle’s sound evolves and ever changes, this storyteller has decided to take...
Dirt Dolla - Blue Dream (ft. Kristal Lyn & Dee Roze)

Dirt Dolla – Blue Dream (ft. Kristal Lyn & Dee Roze)

Dirt Dolla introducing brand new single, Blue Dream. Dirt Dolla is not stranger to the high-life of the music industry. He already had the chance...

Electric Ent – We Don’t Walk On The Clouds

ArtistRack brings to you 'We Don't Walk On The Clouds' by the talented Electric Ent: A Solid Pop/New Wave Inviting To The Dance https://open.spotify.com/track/4a8VixCeM15crjcIoJpXtr?si=-vSGeq9UQ0uVtEOMYVJLMw FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM  

G Wildin – Numbers

G Wildin dropping end-of-year hit, Numbers. 2019 has been quite a busy year for rapper G Wildin, who released many exciting tracks, expanding his reach...

KP – Definition of a Crime

KP presenting the visuals for, 'Definition of a Crime' This is real. This is raw. This is truth. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
J~Parkz - Blessings in Disguise

J~Parkz – Blessings in Disguise

J~Parkz announcing new R&B single, Blessing In Disguise. J~Parkz is more than your average R&B artist. He is a person with a unique background, and...

Featured Music

Robert Church – Celebrity

DJ PsyKosis – K17LMONGER

Emiko – Great North Road

Ohmxe – Iss4 U

Cuddles – Monstrz

Black Angel - Georgene

Black Angel – Georgene

Jah Rasta - 247 PM

Jah Rasta – 247 PM

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