ArcticSnow - Call Me

ArcticSnow – Call Me

ArcticSnow presents his new single, 'Call Me' ArcticSnow, the solo offshoot of AyOH’s Lin Takrudtong, is a vulnerable exploration into the dark side of indie...
KCAST - Dream Boy

KCAST – Dream Boy

KCAST dropping his album, 'Dream Boy' With a mind full of dreams, it is powerful enough in his belief that they come true. Showing desirable...

Hannah & April Zhan – Theme “Schindler’s List” Violin Piano Duet

Notes of Hope perform John William's "Theme from Schindler's List" at Groundworks, performing as Notes of hope is April Zhang and Hannah Zhang Hannah, 15...
D-Terence - God Dam

D-Terence – God Dam

D-Terence introducing his new single, 'God Dam' God Dam is my new single for the EP "D-Terence" which was released in December 18th. The song is...
Irma Aguilar - Dos Mundos

Irma Aguilar – Dos Mundos

Irma Aguilar proudly presenting her latest album release, 'Dos Mundos' Album: Dos Mundos Autores: Irma y Nicolas Aguilar Producido por Henry Gomez Violines: Miguel Guzman, Antonio Guzman, Arturo...
Irma Aguilar - Two Worlds

Irma Aguilar – Two Worlds

Irma Aguilar drops her new album, 'Two Worlds' Album: Two worlds in Country Americana Produced by Bobby Flores at BAM Studios https://open.spotify.com/album/4r3p7Vj6Oz5k9V8WfTiu60?si=uXg65qL5RLyPRXPVUub1mQ PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK...
Freakygunz - Undisputed Talent

Freakygunz – Undisputed Talent

Freakygunz introducing his new album release, 'Undisputed Talent' You can only hold pain in for so long. https://open.spotify.com/album/0OrQMMTLmP5WTy0jvOB409?si=ZCY_90YiQmWA9n2LWtMm5g PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE
Sonic Radiation - Roentgen

Sonic Radiation – Roentgen

Sonic Radiation introducing his latest single release, 'Roentgen' From Dallas, Texas - Sonic Radiation, also known as Todd Last, is a solo artist who creates...
Glaser and Halvorsen - Birds Of Prey (feat. Valla Di & Brian Troch)

Glaser and Halvorsen – Birds Of Prey (feat. Valla Di & Brian Troch)

Glaser and Halvorsen are back with a brand new studio release: Birds Of Prey (feat. Valla Di & Brian Troch) January 2021 – Glaser and...
James Douglas Cooper – Silence Is Golden

James Douglas Cooper – Silence Is Golden

'Silence Is Golden' is James Douglas Cooper's first soft rock single in 8 years. The song was recorded and produced by Cooper in his...

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