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White Wolf Music - Kawaki’s Darknessvideo

White Wolf Music – Kawaki’s Darkness

White Wolf Music presenting his project, 'Kawaki’s Darkness'  I write music for TV, movies, and anime! I write mostly rock or alternative songs. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
ESCALATE! - Sweatari

ESCALATE! – Sweatari

Check out the latest release 'Sweatari' by ESCALATE! taken from the full album Pop Machine "Fusion” may have become a much-derided term in everything from...
Sestrumer - Melody Sensations

Sestrumer – Melody Sensations

Sestrumer presents his project titled, 'Melody Sensations' Sensations that became little melodies. FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
H.S. Botha - Traction

H.S. Botha – Traction

H.S. Botha presents his latest single, 'Traction' H.S. Botha, Sean is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. A majority of his work is improvised...
MesaYa - Gemini

MesaYa – Gemini

MesaYa proudly presents his latest project, 'Gemini' This is the 3rd studio release. Instrumental music made with guitar and syinths. Several moods, from dynamic, childish,...
shᎬᏒᎥᎠᎪᏁ ᏉᎪᏞᎥs - Cali's Corp.

shᎬᏒᎥᎠᎪᏁ ᏉᎪᏞᎥs – Cali’s Corp.

shᎬᏒᎥᎠᎪᏁ ᏉᎪᏞᎥs presents his latest project 'Cali's Corp.' This song was a small little test. I wanted to see how it would go if I...
.RSVP. - Redo

.RSVP. – Redo

.RSVP. unleashes his new single, 'Redo' I go by .RSVP. this is my second drop this year. I hope you guys like it. Its a...
Justin Tartol - Ghost

Justin Tartol – Ghost

Justin Tartol releases a new instrumental, “Ghost.” Justin Tartol has a relationship with music that goes a really long way back. Ever since he was...
The Merkaba Boy(DJ) - No More Suicide Commando (Praise NO MORE!)

The Merkaba Boy(DJ) – No More Suicide Commando (Praise NO MORE!)

The Merkaba Boy(DJ) brings to us his latest project titled 'No More Suicide Commando (PRAISE NO MORE!)' I've been a well known DJ I Johannesburg...
Patiotic - Sublime Fizz

Patiotic – Sublime Fizz

'Sublime Fizz' is the new single by Patiotic Patiotic is a musician and compose electronic music with heavy influences from Pink Floyd, Kid Loco, Chicane...

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