Cantrel - Without Love

Cantrel – Without Love

Cantrel presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Without Love' Artist: Cantrel Song: Without Love Composer: Neil Breytenbach Producer: Neil Breytenbach Copyright: Cantrelmusic / Neil Breytenbach PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...
Jasper Good - Night Sky

Jasper Good – Night Sky

Jasper Good introducing new poignant relationships-themed song, “Night Sky” Jasper Good is a singer and songwriter based in Montreal, Canada. His most recent single release...


The resurrection of the 8-bit heroes. In the music video "TRABS rocks", musician TRABS revives the digital pioneers of the MTV music video area. Pop rock...
Nichelle Colvin - Monster Remix

Nichelle Colvin – Monster Remix

Nichelle Colvin presenting the visuals for her Halloween hit, 'Monster Remix' The Monster Remix is a tale for all the kids at Halloween. Don't be...
Ambre IV - Into The Dark

Ambre IV – Into The Dark

Ambre IV proudly presenting the Official Music Video for her new single, 'Into The Dark' Who didn't have a toxic relationship before ? who never...

Terrell Baker – Let It Give You Strength

Check out Terrell Baker's “Let It Give You Strength” live performance video. Song written, produced and arranged by Terrell Baker aka Duane Terrell Baker. Terrell Baker...
Hooked Like Helen - Liar

Hooked Like Helen – Liar

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Liar' released by Hooked Like Helen It's impossible to overestimate the sheer physical excitement of performing in a...
Lovers & Poets - Sugar High

Lovers & Poets – Sugar High

Lovers & Poets proudly presents the Official Music Video for, 'Sugar High' Plenty of LA's best electronica and chill pop outfits are transplants, but how...
Dalby - Slip And Slide

Dalby – Slip And Slide

Dalby presenting the visuals for new single, 'Slip And Slide' Enjoy being young again by watching this video from 13 year old music sensation Dalby....

JPRIZM – All Your Love (Feat. Amanda Holley & Echezona)

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for ‘All Your Love’ by the talented JPRIZM and featuring Amanda Holley & Echezona: In optics, a prism is...

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