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Queen Dej - Rent Duevideo

Queen Dej – Rent Due

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for 'Rent Due' by the talented Queen Dej: My ART is up for interpretation…..RENT DUE! Queen Dej was born in Windsor,...
Lucid The Dreamwaker - All These Drugs Ft. General Spazzvideo

Lucid The Dreamwaker – All These Drugs Ft. General Spazz

'All These Drugs' is an original song by Midwest artist Lucid The Dreamwaker & General Spazz. This song blends Trap with House to create...
Boss JR Feat SaintfromSC - Windexvideo

Boss JR Feat SaintfromSC – Windex

Boss JR Feat SaintfromSC to release brand new project, Windex. Boss JR is proud to present an amazing collaboration with SaintfromSC. The two artists joined...
SHI 360 feat. Talent Display - Only Got Onevideo

SHI 360 feat. Talent Display – Only Got One

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for 'Only Got One' by SHI 360 feat. Talent Display: Raised by North African parents in the complex reality...
IMPORT - Better Mevideo

IMPORT – Better Me

IMPORT presenting his latest project, 'Better Me' I’m a Young N Hungry artist from east coast canada, I love making music and performing, life’s to...
Pedro P - El Fuegovideo

Pedro P – El Fuego

El Fuego by Pedro P Visual is now available on YouTube. The second song on Pedro P's Darkhaart EP is well.. Fuego! Go check it out. FOLLOW...
Sedrik - Apply Pressurevideo

Sedrik – Apply Pressure

Sedrik presenting the Official Music Video for his new single, 'Apply Pressure' Canadian hip hop artist from Toronto with a new sound   FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Hevewae – Cruddy Rite

Hevewae presenting the visuals for his new single, 'Cruddy Rite' DMV born and now Queen City's resident brought back that dope with this hot raw...
Mike C - Gonna Get Itvideo

Mike C – Gonna Get It

BREAKING NEWS!! Mike C just dropped his Hot New video "Gonna Get it". Chill, smooth and slick is the name of the game with this...
J-LeScientific - I Could ( Souké Zouk )video

J-LeScientific – I Could ( Souké Zouk )

J-LeScientific presenting his single, 'I Could' ( Souké Zouk ) J-LeScientific Came back with an Fire Afro Trap Beat to Souké Zouk! There is a lot...

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