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Introducing 'Sheila Layter'

Introducing ‘Sheila Layter’

Introducing 'Sheila Layter' Setting an example in the musical industry, Maria Luana Rita Italiano,the name of whose art is Sheila Layter, is spreading her musical...
Introducing 'David Fiorenza'

Introducing ‘David Fiorenza’

A gifted Americana, Folk, and Acoustic singer-songwriter, David Fiorenza’s music presents an unparalleled and incomparable musical experience. Undergirded by the idea that one should...
Interview with 'Miserableisobel'

Interview with ‘Miserableisobel’

My name is Caitlin Strømmen but I release under the stage name Miserableisobel - my music is heavily related to mental illness, past relationships...
Introducing 'Oyster Pep'

Introducing ‘Oyster Pep’

Introducing 'Oyster Pep' Lil Kriz original G FUNK Artist from the West Coast. People now call him Oyster Pep because his modern music is under...

Introducing LAsencio

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNrk83yJ_Y8&list=PL0N4efIH_kzgKkH04NF5IzZkiTIOicA6v Introducing: LAsencio LAsencio is a music producer with a focus on making music with a really diverse range of influences. His production style is a...

Interview with JU-Neek

Introducing JU-Neek and his new album "UP-Beat Nation (LP)" -- Expressions that serve to impart positivity and appreciation for God, Life, True Love, Food, Good...

Introducing Matt Harper

Matt Harper is a songwriter, musician from Tamworth, England. Matt’s Influences range from New Wave to New Romantic, from Bjork to Birdy, David Gray to...

Interview with Harun Rune

CLOUDY Artist Harun Rune definitely has that Luxe appeal. From the salons, to the department stores you hear London speaking in his work. His...

Introducing ‘Richard Miner’

Richard Miner was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1993. At the age of 10, he developed an interest in bass guitar. Soon he...

Introducing 151 MD

151 MD is unique rapper out of Canada who keeps his identity secret with his mask that he is known for, with a goal...

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