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Interview with 'Edward Hurtado'

Interview with ‘Edward Hurtado’

Edward Hurtado is a Mexican American artist/songwriter/producer from Maywood, California. Having developed a buzz back in 2020 with his first single "Now or Never"...
Interview with 'Michelle A. Jones'

Interview with ‘Michelle A. Jones’

An informal interview of Michelle A. Jones, she talks about how she began writing lyrics for songs and people she worked with, including her...

Interview with ‘Preston Badside’

ArtistRack catches up with Preston Badside for this exclusive interview and insight into his latest release 'My Way'. I'm represented by Young Money. I'm from...
Roi C Gilmore - The Anguished Ones

Roi C Gilmore – The Anguished Ones

Roi C Gilmore presents a new solo album: The Anguished Ones April 2021 - Gabriel Roi Charles Walker Gilmore, better known as Roi C Gilmore...
Wae - Relax

Wae – Relax

National Hip-hop recording artist and Crown Prince of Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC, Wae, is coming hard with his new single release, "Relax". Released on...
Interview with 'Pressure'

Interview with ‘Pressure’

Pressure is a melodic rock band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. With songwriter and lead guitarist Simon “Siirpo” Forsell at the helm, vocalist Olof Jönsson...
Interview with 'GodTierMoe'

Interview with ‘GodTierMoe’

Interview with GodTierMoe: Im GodTierMoe out of Georgia. Where are you from? Albany GA How long have you been making music? Honestly since i was a kid. I remember...
Interview with 'Playboi H3nny'

Interview with ‘Playboi H3nny’

I come from a small town we’re they really don’t give you hope so you gotta jump out the best and just go with...
Interview with 'CZN STEVE'

Interview with ‘CZN STEVE’

Stephen Blackmon (born August 19, 1995), better known as CZN STEVE, is an American rapper, singer, table, and songwriter from Dayton, Ohio. Where are you...
Introducing 'Prince Rasta'

Introducing ‘Prince Rasta’

Prince Rasta is the latest star to emerge from Minneapolis Minnesota. The Brooklyn native entered the hip hop scene with breakout song Face it...

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