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Introducing 'Mykal Fontenot' a.k.a. Danger Contaminated

Introducing ‘Mykal Fontenot’ a.k.a. Danger Contaminated

Introducing 'Mykal Fontenot' a.k.a. Danger Contaminated Just another of many unrecognized musicians,artists, and songwriters out there wanting to be heard, 4 years ago at 36...
Interview with 'Lhska'

Interview with ‘Lhska’

Lhska (Lisk AHH) Native Cape Codder, Lhska is a young rap artist known for his lyrical prowess and old school vibe. Inspired by rappers such...
Introducing 'RealTalk the Black Boy King'

Introducing ‘RealTalk the Black Boy King’

Introducing 'RealTalk the Black Boy King' RealTalk the Black Boy King, hip hop artist from Dallas, TX with roots in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las...
Introducing, 'Lizi Bailey'

Introducing, ‘Lizi Bailey’

Introducing, 'Lizi Bailey' Lizi grew up in rural Georgia with 8 siblings, a classical pianist mother, and a 70s rock loving dad. She was exposed...
Introducing, 'Payne Pepper Jam'

Introducing, ‘Payne Pepper Jam’

Payne Pepper Jam, A songwriter with a one-of-a-kind creative vision. PAYNE PEPPER JAM (also known as Janis Payne) is a music producer and songwriter with...
Interview with hak7m faraji.

Interview with hak7m faraji.

hak7m faraji. is an Atlanta born and raised artist with heavy influences from Punk and Memphis Rap. hak7m is an eclectic artist, melding his...
Introducing 'hak7m faraji'

Introducing ‘hak7m faraji’

Introducing 'hak7m faraji' Monotonously provocative and welling with alot of emotion, hak7m is an eclectic artist, melding his own personality through each release. He plays...
Interview with, 'Myles Borders'

Interview with, ‘Myles Borders’

Interview with, 'Myles Borders' Where are you from? Kansas City, Missouri How long have you been making music? I’ve been a songwriter since I was 10 years old. How...
Introducing, 'Jaqomo'

Interview with, ‘Jaqomo’

Interview with, 'Jaqomo' Jaqomo is an electronic music producer based in California. She has been producing music for three years. Where are you from? I was born...
Interview with 'Gabred'

Interview with ‘Gabred’

Gabred (real name: Gabriele Digilio) is an Italian music producer. He actually released one album with four songs (genre: EDM) on 21/06/2018, one song on...

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