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Introducing 'Chronamut'

Introducing ‘Chronamut’

Introducing 'Chronamut' Chronamut, aka Shawn Dall, is a visual artist, musician, writer, and spiritual teacher based in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Since 2003, Chronamut has been creating...
Introducing 'Rayan'

Introducing ‘Rayan’

Introducing 'Rayan' Singer, songwriter, producer, and student based out of Miami, Florida. Rayan makes music that crosses genre lines and blurs traditional music rules. She has...
Introducing LaStat

Introducing LaStat

Introducing: LaStat  Some artists are all about defying the usual stereotypes, while also celebrating their musical roots. This is definitely the case for LaStat, an...
Interview with HYZENBORG

Interview with HYZENBORG

HYZENBORG is a very unique one man robotic and full motion 3D laser Ninja from Colorado who plays heavy bass music with an all...
Introducing, 'Roland Seres'

Introducing, ‘Roland Seres’

Introducing, 'Roland Seres' Life is not easy, because in our childhood we decide who you will be (parents, grandparents). By the time we reach the...
Interview with 'Reg'

Interview with ‘Reg’

Reg is a rapper, producer, songwriter and poet. He hails from Raleigh, NC and his family originated from Sierra Leone. His love for hip...
Introducing Producer, 'Mark Generous'

Introducing Producer, ‘Mark Generous’

Mark Generous is a Filipino-Canadian hip hop producer from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. His sound revolves around sample-based hip hop beats which he creates...
Interview with 'Balyztyk'

Interview with ‘Balyztyk’

Hip Hop recording artist Balyztyk is bringing something old and something new to the rap game. With a unique background and a straightforward conscious...
Interview with, 'Moe The Genius'

Interview with, ‘Moe The Genius’

Interview with, 'Moe The Genius' Whats up Im Moe the Genius and i am the best rapper alive. Now get pissed off. Where are you from? I'm...
Introducing 'RealVenom'

Introducing ‘RealVenom’

Realvenom, the “Black Sage of Wind”, hails from the Temple of Zeke in the Megacity of Hip-Hop. He specializes in boom bap, lo-fi, trap...

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