W. Dire Wolff – Old Motel in Wyoming

Artistrack brings to you ‘Old Motel in Wyoming’ by W. Dire Wolff 'Old Motel in Wyoming' from the second 'Sundance Jump' album, 'Beyond the Zen...

Katie Cole – Maybe Memphis

Artistrack brings to you ‘Maybe Memphis’ by Katie Cole This song is about escaping bad relationships and seeking better ones and adventures across the rich...
W. Dire Wolff - Locked Up Lollipop

W. Dire Wolff – Locked Up Lollipop

'Locked up Lollipop' is a song released on 'Black Rose Voodoo', a musical album by W Dire Wolff released August 1, 2022 (Jerry Garcia's...
Jeff Larson - If I Were A Carpenter

Jeff Larson – If I Were A Carpenter

Jeff Larson presenting his new release, If I Were A Carpenter' If I Were A Carpenter is a remake originally written by Tim Hardin and...
W. Dire Wolff - Place at my Table (Country)

W. Dire Wolff – Place at my Table (Country)

'Place at my Table (Country)' is a Rockabilly song on the 'Black Rose Voodoo' musical album by W. Dire Wolff. Solo tracking 2 guitars,...
My Dog Jack - Scottsdale

My Dog Jack – Scottsdale

My Dog Jack's debut release, Scottsdale, is a Modelo-fueled, woodsy tune bound to get stuck in your head. Inspired by legends like John Prine, The...
Perpie - The Landing (1803)

Perpie – The Landing (1803)

Perpie excited to announce the release of, 'The Landing (1803)' Afro-Canadian Jazz and folk Artist Perpie honours a delicate piece of history with this soulful,...

Joshua Francis – Little Christian Folk Record

Life is a one-take wonder. Technical tomfoolery aside, so is my Little Christian Folk Record. This autumnal offering was imagined as a far grander...

Katie Cole – Call You Up

ArtistRack brings to you 'Call You Up' by Katie Cole: "I co-wrote this with Jess and Steve from Jess And The Bandits. Originally, I thought...

Daniel Charles – Blackbird Song

ARtistRack brings to you 'Blackbird Song' by Daniel Charles: This is a song about just appreciating nature and being in the moment and realizing that...

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