BM Casso - Bend Low

BM Casso – Bend Low

BM Casso drops his brand new single, 'Bend Low' BM Casso, A.K.A. Badman, is an independent Nigerian artist/songwriter, who is currently based in the U.S....
Edwin the N.K. - Here for life

Edwin the N.K. – Here for life

Edwin the N.K. PRESENTS: Here for life Afro-pop, tropical house like sigala
Fweshie Oloye - West End

Fweshie Oloye – West End

Fweshie Oloye releases his brand new single, 'West End' High energy afrobeat record. Lovely dance tune
Orie King - Lotus the ep

Orie King – Lotus the ep

Orie King presents her brand new release: Lotus The EP.. March 2021 - Orie King is a talented singer and songwriter who was born in...

Milo Evans Jr – My Roots

Milo Evans Jr announces the release of his new single, 'My Roots' My Roots has Afro Rhythm (Percussions) with modern edge background Vox, and Sax...

Desclo James feat Smelo – Pasola Mbese

Fast-paced French musician Desclo James continued to entertain dance fans with his song, Pasola Mbese, featuring Cameroonian artist SMELO. Desclo said that a song with...
Angelman - China

Angelman – China

Angelman presents: China. March 2021 - Angelman is an artist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has an incredibly unique background. He is a Nigerian-American performer who...

Excellent C And Wise Professor Surgeon Bright – Resident Trump Vacate The Premesis

Excellent C And Wise Professor Surgeon Bright PRESENTS: Resident Trump Vacate The Premesis #newsalert Hey DJs Play this #Song #goodmusic #billboarddance #billboardhiphop #billboard #trapradio #trapmusic...
CaNn CaNn - Queen

CaNn CaNn – Queen

With his first solo release after a successful year with his team, Black Diamond Mafia, CaNn CaNn brings to you his smash hit "Queen"!!...
Chidi Okpechi - Hallelujah

Chidi Okpechi – Hallelujah

Chidi Okpechi presents: Hallelujah Chidi Okpechi loves God. He is known for his energetic praise and uplifting worship melodies. He is the founder and lead...

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