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Söur Bruthers – Söur Bruthers (Review)

Söur Bruthers ups their creative capacity on their debut self titled EP “Söur Bruthers” serving as a prequel for innovative future ventures pioneering sound in an upward progression towards the decisive pinnacle of timeless music. The twangy strumming portions of the EP were an amalgam to the overall composition’s structural efficiency within the frequency spectrum and musical variety.

Caroline Ferrante – SKY (Music Review)

The folk-pop fundamental texture of Caroline Ferrante’s newly released EP 'Sky' is turning heads within the indy music scene as a rhythmically- revolutionary sensation of intricate compositions.

Divining Rod – Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling (Review)

Divining Rod’s has just released a state-of-the-art album by the name of ‘Hemlock Blues / Love Come Tumbling’ that omits that trendy recording efforts by modern bands and brings music back to its core elements of timeless songwriting.

ArtistRack Reviews ‘You Are The One’ by The Impersonators

Check out our review for 'You Are The One' by The Impersonators:The juggernaut songwriting duet in this band is an apparent expression of their musical aptitude through the master mind alliance of creative understanding. This song was written with impeccable craftiness as it resonated beautifully with the harmonic melodies that remained constant throughout.

ArtistRack reviews ‘Come Back Home’ by Antonial Barnes

ArtistRack reviews Come Back Home by Antonial Barnes:Antonial Barnes wears multiple hats in his musical empire sifting effortlessly from the low-end bass lines all the way throughout the collective instrumental spectrum of design. The slow tempo organ pieces give the composition a widened sound for the piano chords to work with touching down the center of the stereo image. The magnificent vocals shine as an enlightened dimension with a vigorous presence domineering the entire single to its incessant apparition.

ArtistRack Reviews ‘I Know Better’ by SURREAL NATION

Surreal Nation congregates a 5-set ensemble of musicianship on their newest EP “I Know Better” meshing deliberate professional sound originating from the folk and rock genres.The throwback tonality of their music relates to a 60’s aura of instrumentation that engulfs each sound sector while simultaneously paying homage to the alternative facets of music. The indie focal point of their vision is an indicator of the inspirational attitude each band member encapsulates throughout their creative gateways.

ArtistRack Reviews Robbing Johnny’s latest release ‘Cold March’

The live music vibrancies and theatrical nature of Robbing Johnny’s latest release 'Cold March' provides a unique recording relationship where there is an unprecedented...

ArtistRack Reviews Cristown’s new album ‘BREEZY’

Check out our review of Cristown's new album 'Breezy':The conscious intuition ingrained in Cristown’s music certifies an authentic stamp of reality that sets his...

ArtistRack Reviews Brendan McMahon’s single ‘Mother’ (Universalist)

ArtistRack Reviews Brendan McMahon's single 'Mother' taken from his EP 'Universalist'The vocals on BrendanJ’s single 'Mother' contain magnificent hi-end frequencies that resonate mystical qualities...

ArtistRack Reviews ‘Songs from The Suck’ by Randy Steele

The composite recordings on Randy Steele’s ‘Songs From The Suck' were arranged in a syncopated, off beat fashion that added to the distinguished characteristics...