Interview with Spell Code

I am Maya aka Spell Code. I am 16 years old and I am living in Zagreb, Croatia (EU). At the moment I am going to a high school in Zagreb. Music is my love, my passion and my life, especially uplifting party mus... Read More...

Introducing London’s own Blazay

Introducing London's own Blazay: We have a characteristic approach to modern electronic music, yet on the other hand however, "Give me" or “I Like It” is anything but another modern electronic, synthetic tra... Read More...

Interview with Vessbroz

Vessbroz are two brothers, Armia and Arsham. They stepped into music production in 2015. They have number of songs that has been distributed on more than 150 online shop and website such as iTunes, Spotify, Ama... Read More...
J Tizzle

Introducing J Tizzle

J Tizzle: J Tizzle(Jeffery Townsend Sr.) was born in South Bend, In. This is where he lives and produces his music. J Tizzle began producing music in 2004 and over the years he compiled a variety of music. This has lead J Tizzle to present his music to the world.
best dubstep artists

Top Dubstep Artists

submit Want to find the top dubstep artists? ArtistRack brings to you the best dubstep artists and their music. Dubstep music originated from UK but in the last decade it has grown to be on of the largest... Read More...

Türküm Interview

Türküm is a new Trap producer which has gained phenomenal support of many channels and names with his first release named Forever which features the rapper Lox Chatterbox. Boasting through with 600,000 people i... Read More...

Rasa Vitalia Interview

Rasa Vitalia is a hot, award-winning professional dance performer, vocalist, songwriter, and performance artist and one of America's most highly regarded popular solo entertainers.

Introducing Hippy Hendrix

‘’Hippy Hendrix’’ whose real name is Quinton Orr, was born in Nassau Medical Center On July 12,1990.Hippy's Mother had a stormy relationship with his father. He was basically raised by his mother, who worked va... Read More...