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Matt Harper – Collective (Custard Dream Remixes)

Artistrack brings to you ‘Collective (Custard Dream Remixes)’ by Matt Harper Matt Harper brings us the second instalment of his “Collective” series of EP’s, the...
Interview with 'Echogecko'

Interview with ‘Echogecko’

Echogecko is an electronic music artist from Scotland, UK. On January 9th 2023 he released his first LP 'Joules'. The electronic music album consists...

Introducing ‘Pedram Charepoo (Bär)’

Pedram Charepoo, also known as Bär is definitely not your run-of-the-mill EDM producer and audio engineer. Unlike many other aspiring DJs in this genre,...
Interview with 'Day 0ne'

Interview with ‘Day 0ne’

Day 0ne is a DJ and music producer whose unforgettable music is known to bring people together. Through melodic tunes, diverse sounds, and a...
Interview with 'imblitzmusic'

Interview with ‘imblitzmusic’

Interview with 'imblitzmusic' A Anonymous DJ who just wants to make the best music to keep the EDM culture LIVE known professionally as DJ Blitz, is...
Introducing 'Thomas Naszalyi'

Introducing ‘Thomas Naszalyi’

Thomas Naszalyi April 2022 - Thomas Naszalyi is an artist and music producer who is fresh on the scene with music that stands out for...
Introducing 'Barba'

Introducing ‘Barba’

Hi everyone! I’m Barba and I live in Italy. I have been a DJ/Producer since 2015,and music is my big passion. My main goal is to...
Interview with 'Late Drifter'

Interview with ‘Late Drifter’

I'm the Synthwave artist known as Late Drifter. I love the music from classic 80s movies and tv. I try to relive those memories...

The Purple Project

Introducing Copenhagen's own The Purple Project: East Side Boho’s - second Club & Dance inspired track release from Copenhagen based The Purple Project The second track...
Introducing 'Chronamut'

Introducing ‘Chronamut’

Introducing 'Chronamut' Chronamut, aka Shawn Dall, is a visual artist, musician, writer, and spiritual teacher based in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Since 2003, Chronamut has been creating...

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