Changing Tymz - Shark Attack

Changing Tymz – Shark Attack

Changing Tymz presenting the visuals for their latest single, 'Shark Attack' Greetings, my name is Tony Rossi I believe you will enjoy this inspiring video as...
Black Angel - I've Got No Time (featuring Andrea Buchanan)

Black Angel – I’ve Got No Time (featuring Andrea Buchanan)

Black Angel presenting, "I've Got No Time" featuring Andrea Buchanan Black Angel had a tribute show for our late bass player, Ronnie Turner (son of...
Black Angel - Hip Hop Songs (featuring Audrey 'Mrs. Ike' Turner)

Black Angel – Hip Hop Songs (featuring Audrey ‘Mrs. Ike’ Turner)

Black Angel presenting, 'Hip Hop Songs' (featuring Audrey 'Mrs. Ike' Turner) Audrey (Mrs. Ike) Turner joined Black Angel with Ronnie Turner, our bass player and...

The Star Prairie Project – Thinking About You

The Star Prairie Project presents our music video of our featured song 'Thinking About You' off the new 'Fight or Flight' album. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
W. Dire Wolff - Black Rose Voodoo

W. Dire Wolff – Black Rose Voodoo

W. Dire Wolff presenting the music video for, 'Black Rose Voodoo' The 'Black Rose Voodoo' musical album by W. Dire Wolff is a solo album....

Black Angel – Pink (Tunnel of Love)

Black Angel presenting new release: Pink (Tunnel of Love) I wrote a song called "Tunnel Of Love" a number of years ago & never recorded...
Black Angel - Civilized Evil Man

Black Angel – Civilized Evil Man

Black Angel presenting the music video for their new release, 'Civilized Evil Man' This song came about when I met a solo touring musician who...
Black Angel - One Beer

Black Angel – One Beer

Black Angel presenting their latest song, 'One Beer' "Song Of The Year" as selected by Chuck Eddy, senior music editor of Billboard Magazine a few...

Black Angel – Brown California Hills (w Ava Gardner & Frank Sinatra)

Black Angel presenting their release, 'Brown California Hills' (w Ava Gardner & Frank Sinatra) It is fun putting a video together featuring Ava Gardner, one...

Black Angel – Livin’ Large (featuring the Trailer Park Boys)

"Liivin' Large" is the true story of Black Angel setting up a great gig for a band from the California desert at a club...

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