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Interview with 'Juju Anden'

Interview with ‘Juju Anden’

Interview with 'Juju Anden' I go by the name of ‘juju anden’, I’m an 18 year old gay rapper, but I’m more than a one...
Introducing 'Ola Beto'

Introducing ‘Ola Beto’

Introducing 'Ola Beto' A west-end, Toronto product lost in his own world. He identifies as Ola Beto. His genre sequence of hip-hop, R&B and pop...
Introducing 'KyRo Da Rapper'

Introducing ‘KyRo Da Rapper’

Introducing 'KyRo Da Rapper' 32 year old Massachusetts born and raised rapper !! Dedicated to making a movement !! I’ve been writing music for 15...
Introducing: President Zik

Introducing: President Zik

Introducing: President Zik and his latest album, No Dayz Off. May 2022 - President Zik is an artist from Nigeria. His unique take on hip-hop...
Introducing 'Young Holyfield'

Introducing ‘Young Holyfield’

Introducing 'Young Holyfield' Michael Holyfield Jr, known professionally as Young Holyfield is a rapper/ songwriter. Born in Atlanta, Ga ( Grady baby). Young Holyfield discovered is...
Interview with 'President Zik'

Interview with ‘President Zik’

Zachary Kwaga also known as President Zik (born March 25) is a Canadian born Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and businessman. President Zik initially gained...
Introducing 'Nxmb Hxart'

Introducing ‘Nxmb Hxart’

Introducing 'Nxmb Hxart' Today, one of the best things about rap music is the fact that the general is incredibly diverse, allowing artists to explore...
Interview with 'Confidential'

Interview with ‘Confidential’

“I’m not really looking to impress anybody other than myself. I make the music that I want to listen to and I think being...
Introducing, 'Papa Shawn Boo'

Introducing, ‘Papa Shawn Boo’

Introducing: Papa Shawn Boo January 2022 - Papa Shawn Boo is a rapper who has developed a distinctive, one-of-a-kind sound. His music is seriously spot-on in...
Interview with 'T. Gambine'

Interview with ‘T. Gambine’

T. Gambine is a remarkable individual, a talented artist and professional rapper specializing in Christian rap music. His achievements in the music industry and...

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