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Matthew Schultz - Somewhere Farvideo

Matthew Schultz – Somewhere Far

Matthew Schultz's new hit "Somewhere Far" has exploded on Spotify. This track has wracked up almost 5 million streams already. It is featured on Spotify's...
DJ Combo & DJ Raphael ft. Julie - XXXvideo

DJ Combo & DJ Raphael ft. Julie – XXX

DJ Combo & DJ Raphael feat. Julie „XXX“ - Nightlife-Style! DJ Combo & DJ Raphael have already produced together 3 successful singles: „Happy People“, „Boom...
Hybrid - Hold Your Breathvideo

Hybrid – Hold Your Breath

Hybrid presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Hold Your Breath' A video doesn’t need to look like a movie to be effective, but for some...
ash.ØK - Breathe Me Invideo

ash.ØK – Breathe Me In

Check out the visuals for, 'Breathe Me In' by ash.ØK  Philadelphia-based producer ash.ØK is well known for merging genres and influences in his music. From...
Menny ft. Sean Kingston - Wingsvideo

Menny ft. Sean Kingston – Wings

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Wings' by Menny ft. Sean Kingston  Born in Jerusalem Israel, Menachem “Menny” Amram grew up in a very...
Asher Laub - Neon Dreamsvideo

Asher Laub – Neon Dreams

Asher Laub presents his new single, 'Neon Dreams' Electronic and contemporary classical composer, producer, dancing violinist and virtuoso, Asher Laub, brings a new element of...
The Keymakers - Insomniacvideo

The Keymakers – Insomniac

Check out The Keymakers captivating live performance of their new single "Insomniac"
Joey Danger "Surrender"video

Joey Danger “Surrender”

Check out the Official Music Video for "Surrender" by Joey Danger Growing up in the small town of Cocoa, Florida, Joey Danger (Joseph Anthony Stuller) has...
Brooke Josephson - "Mr. Fix It" (Rocky G Remix)video

Brooke Josephson – “Mr. Fix It” (Rocky G Remix)

Brooke Josephson drops her music video for "Mr. Fix It" (Rocky G Remix) Singer-songwriter Brooke Josephson is on the rise with her charismatic lyricism and...
Natasha Jane Julian - Happily Ever Aftervideo

Natasha Jane Julian – Happily Ever After

Check out the Official Music Video for 'Happily Ever After' by Natasha Jane Julian  Exposing the dark side of once thought perfect romance, or was...

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