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Ana Stasia - Best Life EPvideo

Ana Stasia – Shade

Ana Stasia unleashed her latest project, 'Best Life - EP',  check out the visuals for 'Shade' a song also featured on this EP Perhaps due...
Glamb - We Shall Walk Onvideo

Glamb – We Shall Walk On

Glamb releases new single, 'We Shall Walk On' Glamb is a 60 Years Young 25 year cancer survivor “We Shall Walk On” was written By...
Ultra Rai - Flex Time/Dumb Bicvideo

Ultra Rai – Flex Time/Dumb Bic

Ultra Rai releases a portrait visual for his new project, 'Flex Time/Dumb Bic' Ultra Rai is a rap artist with a really broad creative approach....
Verbal Contact - My Down Chicvideo

Verbal Contact – My Down Chic

Check out the music video for 'My Down Chic' from Verbal Contact  This is Grown Folk Rap Music. The track is about a man, giving...
Leez Bandit - Geechie ft. Demi_God Dex700video

Leez Bandit – Geechie ft. Demi_God Dex700

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals 'Geechie' by Leez Bandit and featuring Demi_God Dex700   FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Electrobuddha - Intentions To Flyvideo

Electrobuddha – Intentions To Fly

Intentions To Fly by Electrobuddha draws on vocal harmonies by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and there are retro influences sonically like Jefferson Airplane...
Duke - Hold It Downvideo

Duke – Hold It Down

Check out the visuals for the new single, 'Hold It Down' by Duke  Duke, a Mississippi artist brings a raw, unfiltered look of his hometown...

MariBased1 ft. MrBenjamin – DOE BOI

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for  'DOE BOI' by MariBased1 featuring MrBenjamin: Seattle is the most geographically remote of any American city, and perhaps because of...
Glamb - We Shall Walk Onvideo

Glamb – We Shall Walk On

Check out the Official Music Video for 'We Shall Walk On' by Glamb "We Shall Walk On-Club Mix" is on iTunes apple and amazon this...

Sin7 – Erased

What do you think of when you think of Halloween? Black cats, jack-o-lanterns, horror movies, to start… what about some heavy metal? Just in...

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