Mario Hoffman, Manouchka Meyer – Manouchka

MARIO HOFFMAN & MANOUCHKA MEYER Album “MANOUCHKA” Gypsy time… GYPSY TIME…. A journey into the eternal Gypsy soul through words and music. A journey around a known and unknown...
Sebasjiun - For Sentimental Reasons

Sebasjiun – For Sentimental Reasons

Sebasjiun presenting his cover for, 'For Sentimental Reasons' … sending love your waY. FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE
Fiona Ross - You Are Like Poison

Fiona Ross – You Are Like Poison

From the 2021 album 'Red Flags and High Heels', award winning artist Fiona Ross releases 'You Are Like Poison' Filmed at the Premises Studio,...
Ori Dagan & Simone Denny - Video Killed The Radio Star

Ori Dagan & Simone Denny – Video Killed The Radio Star

Ori Dagan & Simone Denny PRESENT the official music video for their new release: Video Killed The Radio Star A duet by Jazz singer Ori...

Sahara Grim – Abstracted

Sahara Grim presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Abstracted' Sahara Grim is an eclectic musician and songwriter based in Los Angeles who aims to portray...

Caren Kares – Memories (Of what you said to me)

Caren Kares introducing a new single: Memories (Of what you said to me) January 2021 - Caren Kares is a singer and songwriter who makes...
PC ENERGETIC - Energetic Drive

PC ENERGETIC – Energetic Drive

PC ENERGETIC presenting the visuals for his new song, 'Energetic Drive' Imagine the Jimi Hendrix Experience blending with the John Coltrane Quartet! PC ENERGETIC stands for...

Robert Manigault – Crestfallen

Robert Manigault is back on the scene with a stunning music video release, Crestfallen. March 2020 - Something quite special can happen when the melodies...

The Soularsapiens – Soul Symphony

The Soularsapiens proudly presents the Official Music Video for, 'Soul Symphony' The Soularspains are a jazz fusion band from Phoenix, Arizona. Forming in 2017, the...
Kristen Lee Sergeant - Balm/Burn

Kristen Lee Sergeant – Balm/Burn

ArtistRack brings to you the visuals for 'Balm/Burn' by Kristen Lee Sergeant: The first thing that greets a visitor to Kristen Lee Sergeant’s website is...

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