Burn Like Stars – Shattered Shell (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Burn Like Stars presents: Shattered Shell

August 2021 – Burn Like Stars is a truly interesting music project, especially because it highlights the artist’s immense creative freedom, leading him to explore a huge range of styles. His most recent studio single, “Shattered Shell,” is a perfect example of so many different influences coming together in order to create a deep, vibrant and one-of-a-kind sound that knows no boundaries. The song kicks off with some atmospheric ambient textures, but it later evolves into a massive wall of sound with djent and metalcore vibes. The guitar work is articulate and well defined, perfectly locking in with the drums. The vocals especially might remind you of artists such as Circa Survive, Dead Rituals or Soasin, with a dark, lush overtone that feels catchy, yet somewhat progressive in nature as well, since the arrangement of the song evolves in very interesting ways.

Find out more about Burn Like Stars, and do not miss out on its now release, “Shattered Shell.” You will be able to find this release on Youtube (where a Lyric video is available) as well as various other music streaming platforms.