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Biotopp – Unstable

Biotopp's Captivating New EDM Release "Unstable" Envisions a Melodic Journey into a Hopeful Future French melodic techno producer Biotopp has unveiled his latest instrumental EDM...


ArtistRack brings to you 'NO MORE' by SWISS FIDDLERS: The Project ‘NO MORE- War and destruction! In 1853 Charles Gounod arranged the prelude Nr. 1 (BWV...
Sebastian Lightfoot - Ascension

Sebastian Lightfoot – Ascension

Sebastian Lightfoot presenting, 'Ascension' Amazing animated music video tells the true story about humanity ascending from the chaotic 3D world to the new 5D Earth...

Gank – Resurrection

Check out, 'Resurrection' by Gank This is a spin off of Bulgarian folklore song Bre petrunko, Gank has created a new style of genre he...

Silvie Rockova – Bohemian Meadow

ArtistRack brings to you 'Bohemian Meadow' by Silvie Rockova: The song was written by birds and the surrounding nature. My intention was to create a...
Sonic T - Sparkle

Sonic T – Sparkle

Sonic T performing live to 'Sparkle' In the project ‘Sonic T’ Taavi Wenk acts as a live solo-performer and build his project on the following...

Joanne Yeoh – Lazy Hazy Days

Electric violinist Joanne Yeoh never stops working, and she delights us with her latest music video on her song Lazy Hazy Days. This animation...

Dmitry Tumanov – Vocalise

Dmitry Tumanov presents, 'Vocalise' Album "Solo Royal Roads" November 1, 2021 8 Songs, 24 Minutes 2021℗ DmitryTumanov Release © TuneCore, Inc. 2006-2021 All rights reserved. New York Video Recording...

Mal Robinson – E-Scape

Mal Robinson PRESENTS: E-Scape Mal is just starting his journey into creating music combined with video. He has created videos for other musicians. This video...
Bruce Nowlin - Trust

Bruce Nowlin – Trust

"TRUST" is the first single off of Bruce Nowlin's new album Reflections which is set to be released on July 3rd. PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...

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