TRAPERS - Take It Slow (Review)

TRAPERS – Take It Slow (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, 'Take It Slow' released by TRAPERS  TRAPERS is a music project hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Their...
Israel:Stone - Game (Review)

Israel:Stone – Game (Review)

Check out this music review of the single 'Game' released by Israel Stone  A new single from a forward-thinking and passionate singer. Israel Stone knows what...
Nadya Sudjaja - Path for Love (Review)

Nadya Sudjaja – Path for Love (Review)

Check out this music review of 'Path for Love' released by Nadya Sudjaja  Nadya Sudjaja is not your average pop singer. She has a very...

TRAPERS – Let Us Be (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single titled 'Let Us Be' released by TRAPERS TRAPERS is a Melbourne-based music project with a special approach...
Talia Perez - West Coast (Review)

Talia Perez – West Coast (Review)

Check out this Review of 'West Coast' by Talia Perez The magic happens when pop meets EDM Talia Perez is a singer and artist with a...
Jared Lee - Professional Lovers (Review)

Jared Lee – Professional Lovers (Review)

Check out the Review of 'Professional Lovers' new single by Jared Lee Jared Lee is a recording artist and performer with a really unique approach...
Christian Heath - One (A World Song) ft. Infidelix (Review)

Christian Heath – One (A World Song) ft. Infidelix (Review)

Christian Heath, releases EP "One" Christian Heath has his mission set out on his latest single 'One (A World Song)' in his visionary movement of...
Anwesa - Just For Me (Review)

Anwesa – Just For Me (Review)

Anwesa’s 'Just For Me' is the quintessential love song that focuses on the romantic characteristics of musical spirit. It conveys the romantic feeling of...
Steven Bryan - Dolled Up (Review)

Steven Bryan – Dolled Up (Review)

Steve Bryan’s songwriting faculties have hit top-tier levels on his newest single 'Dolled Up' meshing the metaphysical world of atmospheric character in conjoinment with...
Reina Mora - Trouble (Review)

Reina Mora – Trouble (Review)

The L.A. based songstress Reina Mora has officially dug her heels into the recording platform with her latest single 'Trouble'. The coastline whirled guitar...

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