Buddylicious - And You Don’t Know

Buddylicious – And You Don’t Know (Review)

Buddylicious is back with a new song: And You Don’t Know June 2022 - Buddylicious is an artist and songwriter with a passion for...
Cherry-Ilex - Gold (Review)

Cherry-Ilex – Gold (Review)

COMING SOON the new release: "Gold" By Cherry-Ilex March 2022 - Cherry-Ilex is an artist who makes music inspired by a wide range of pop influences....

Celine Rae – My Way (Review)

Celine Rae presents: My Way. February 2022 - Celine Rae is an artist and songwriter with a passion for timeless melodies and fresh modern...
Katie Belle - Daughter

Katie Belle – Daughter (Review)

Katie Belle is back with a brand new release: Daughter November 2021 - Katie Belle is an artist and songwriter who recently set out...
Cherry-Ilex - Love Me (Review)

Cherry-Ilex – Love Me (Review)

Cherry-Ilex is set to release his new track: Love Me November 2021 - Cherry-llex is no stranger to releasing energetic, melodic, and catchy music with...
Carl De Villa - War Cry

Carl De Villa – War Cry (Review)

Carl De Villa has recently dropped a fantastic new studio work: War Cry November 2021 - Carl De Villa is an artist and songwriter...

Luckie Boy – Party of One (Review)

Luckie Boy has returned with a new release: Party of One September 2021 - Luckie Boy is an artist with a focus on setting...
Aryn - No Labels (Review)

Aryn – No Labels (Review)

Aryn is back with her fresh release No Labels Aryn’s brand new pop album kicks off with the atmospheric and inviting track Drip. What...
Tommy G - (Can't You See) I'm Ready (Review)

Tommy G – (Can’t You See) I’m Ready (Review)

Tommy G is proud to present a brand new single: (Can't You See) I'm Ready July 2021: Artist and songwriter Tommy G is the...

NotaSlave – House Party (Review)

NotaSlave presents: House Party. May 2021 - NotaSlave is an artist and songwriter who has developed a distinctive, one-of-a-kind sound. While this year has...

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