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Megan Rochell

Introducing Megan Rochell

From the first time Megan Rochell touched the microphone in the church choir she knew she wanted to electrify not only her church but the whole world with her voice.Well I started singing in the church when I w... Read More...
Priye - Machete

Priye – Machete (Review)

Music review for Priye's newest single 'Machete':Check out Piriye’s cutting-edge single 'Machete' that is slicing up the competition with tight flows, witty metaphors and unpredictable production methodolog... Read More...
Benny S

Introducing Benny S

Something in store for every music lover. Here arrives Benny S, the popular musician. Benny S is the talk of the nation for his extra ordinary and creative music approach. He has been known for the popular numb... Read More...
Charisma - Broken Vows

Charisma – Broken Vows

Charisma - Broken Vows:Charisma is a solo Gospel and R&B Soul artist who began writing poetry and then advanced into songwriting. A native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Charisma says that the intention wi... Read More...

Interview with J-Shin

Possessing a smooth soulful voice and a raspy, honey-soaked delivery, J-Shin has already forged his timeless musical legacy. Born Johnathan Shinhoster in Liberty City, Florida, Johnathan forwent a football path... Read More...

Interview with Dasha

Alternative R&B artist, songwriter, and actress Dasha new single "Loving You" is making waves through internet circles. Her album is being lauded for its originality and feel good approach. Musically influe... Read More...