Nick Gertsson – Give it Time (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Nick Gertsson presents: Give it Time.

Nick Gertsson is an artist, guitarist and songwriter who recently dropped a brand new studio single: Give it Time. This song reveals Nick’s heart of a true rocker, as well as the sensibilities of a songwriter who knows how to invite his songs with great melodies, without necessarily overpowering his creative vision. “Give it Time” is a beautifully constructed song, which highlights Nick’s prowess as a guitar player, while showcasing his diverse melodic taste. Ultimately, this one comes highly recommended to any fan of modern rock music which still looks back at the roots of the genre but without ever falling too deep into a nostalgic pattern. The key to a great rock song is to really feel the attitude, and it certainly appears that Nick is deeply connected to this track and the concept that inspired this amazing new track from this rock and roll purveyor! 

Find out more about Nick Gertsson and do not miss out on Give it Times, which you’ll be able to find on Spotify as well as other digital music streaming services on the web.