Silvie Rockova – Prayer for Trees (Review)

Silvie Rockova - Prayer for Trees (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Silvie Rockova presents: Prayer for Trees

June 2022 – Silvie Rockova is an artist who is passionate about making high-quality music that is more than plain old entertainment. She wants to reach out to the audience in a  more personal and inspiring way, hopefully making a difference in the lives and mindset of her listeners. Her most recent release, Prayer for Trees, is actually a really perfect example of this. The song is energetic and dynamic, yet incredibly uplifting and easy to relate to for people of all walks of life. In addition to Silvie’s stunning melodies and her spontaneous vibes, the song is endowed with great production aesthetics. The sound is very crisp and modern, allowing the audience to create a deeper connection with this talented performer. It is always remarkable to find artists who want to make a difference with their music, and this definitely seems to be the case with the amazing Silvie Rockova and her insightful songs.

Find out more about Silvie Rockova, and do not miss out on Prayer for Trees. This release is currently available on Spotify, where you can stream it in its entirety.