Rick Shaffer - Let Go (Review)

Rick Shaffer – Let Go (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single 'Let Go' released by Rick Shaffer  Rick Shaffer is a dynamic rock artist with a really...
House On Solid Rock - Built Upon The Sand (Review)

House On Solid Rock – Built Upon The Sand (Review)

Check out this Review of the latest release 'Built Upon The Sand' by band House on Solid Rock  House on Solid Rock is an alternative...
Carol Blaze - Signals

Carol Blaze – Signals (Review)

Check out this Review on album 'Signals' from Artist Carol Blaze Carol Blaze’s brand new release, “Signals” is a smooth and rich alternative single that...
Alison Fleming - Girlfriend (Review)

Alison Fleming – Girlfriend (Review)

Check out this Review for 'Girlfriend' by Alison Fleming  An alternative music artist that still retain a catchy and energetic side with a lot of...
Roam Like Ghosts - Smile (Review)

Roam Like Ghosts – Smile (Review)

Roam Like Ghosts blends the alternative world in an acoustic demeanor towards a grungy bravura through a collaborative effort to infiltrate the music scene...
A Light Within - Page #54 (Chemical Drive)

A Light Within – Page #54 (Chemical Drive)

ArtistRack reviews Page #54 (Chemical Drive) by A Light Within: A Light Within has illuminated a rather dim future of music to its core components with...
Samijay - Headed for Disaster (Review)

Samijay – Headed for Disaster (Review)

The Samijay duet captures the distinctiveness of a pure and unspoiled old-fashioned nostalgia of musicianship on their latest single 'Headed For Disaster'. The brassy vocals...
SAMIJAY - Silly Love Song (Review)

SAMIJAY – Silly Love Song (Review)

  ArtistRack reviews Silly Love Song by SAMIJAY: SAMIJAY is a driven, forward-thinking and dynamic music project from NYC. Their sound blurs the lines between acoustic...
C.K. and The Rising Tide - Friends (Review)

C.K. and The Rising Tide – Friends (Review)

C.K. and The Rising Tide reinforce a momentous band chemistry through their single 'Friends' to the panache of inspired possibilities into the minds of...
ArtistRack Reviews 'You Are The One' by The Impersonators

ArtistRack Reviews ‘You Are The One’ by The Impersonators

Check out our review for 'You Are The One' by The Impersonators: The juggernaut songwriting duet in this band is an apparent expression of their musical aptitude through the master mind alliance of creative understanding. This song was written with impeccable craftiness as it resonated beautifully with the harmonic melodies that remained constant throughout.

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