President Zik – Switching Scenes (Review)

President Zik presents: “Switching Scenes”

May 2022 – President Zik is a rap artist who set out to redefine the sound of his music in order to stand out from the cliches of the genre. He’s definitely got his own thing going on, and this is apparent if you take a deep dive into his recent music. The artist has announced an album, “No Dayz Off,” which also features a fantastic studio single named “Switching Scenes.” This track is a perfect take on contemporary hip-hop, spicing up the flow with a truly unique creative twist. This song has a truly unique melody, almost reminiscent of ancestral Chinese folk or other Asian melodic scales. The melodies of the beat have a mellow flow, but the drum machine powers the beat and adds a lot more rhythm to it. Fans of classic artists such as Jay Z, as well as Nas and Kendrick Lamar should most definitely check out this single (and while they’re at it, the whole album!)

Find out more about President Zik, and listen to “Switching Scenes.” The song is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other major digital streaming services as a part of the album “No Dayz Off.”