Hotboi Ty – Cold Feet (Review)

Hip hop artist Hotboi Ty has recently released a new song titled “Cold Feet” from his 16-song album “From The Heart” in March 2023. Hailing from Alpine, Alabama, Hotboi Ty has made a name for himself as one of the most mysterious underground artists in the southeast. His surprise hit “H2K” and follow-up “Shells in the Wind” brought him into the spotlight before his untimely incarceration.

Now, after serving his time, Hotboi Ty is back to showcase his undeniable talent. His authenticity comes at a price, and he has paid it 100 times over. Powerseat Music Group has quietly become a premier indie label in the southeast, and Hotboi Ty is leading the charge, leaving his competition nowhere in sight.

“Cold Feet” is a song that is sure to make waves in the hip hop community. The track starts off with a slow, melancholic beat that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Hotboi Ty’s unique voice delivers thought-provoking lyrics that hit close to home. The artist speaks about the challenges he faced during his incarceration, how he was betrayed by those he trusted, and how he had to keep his head held high to overcome the obstacles that were thrown his way.

The chorus of “Cold Feet” is a true standout moment, with Hotboi Ty showcasing his vocal range and emotional depth. The lyrics are relatable and will resonate with anyone who has faced adversity in their life. The production is clean and polished, with a well-crafted beat that elevates the emotional content of the song.

Overall, “Cold Feet” is a testament to Hotboi Ty’s undeniable talent and authenticity. The song is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys hip hop with substance and heart. Hotboi Ty has truly delivered a powerful and emotive track that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens to it. “From The Heart” is shaping up to be a fantastic album, and we can’t wait to hear what Hotboi Ty has in store for his fans.