Ghost in the Machine – Heartbreaker (Crushed) (Review)

Ghost in the Machine has recently released a new work: “Heartbreaker (Crushed)”

Ghost in the Machine has just dropped a new studio single named “Heartbreaker (Crushed)”. This release is very energetic, because it showcases some awesome dynamics, as well as the duo’s ability to seamlessly unleash creativity and combine different influences into something that’s refreshing and quite one-of-a-kind. “Heartbreaker (Crushed)” showcases the artist’s passion for making music that’s far more than just entertainment. We’re definitely entering the territory of deeper self-expression, as the artist is really eager to make a genuine connection with fans. “Heartbreaker (Crushed)” is a perfect example of this, because the song is meaningful and expressive (while still remaining catchy and accessible for most types of listeners out there!)

Find out more about Ghost in the Machine and listen to “Heartbreaker (Crushed)”. This release comes highly recommended to people who enjoy the sound of artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Dead Rituals, Depeche Mode and Odesza, only to name a few.