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Labán – Quién da Más (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, 'Quién da Más' released by Labán  Labán is an artist who loves to combine vibrant pop...

Peyton Gilliland – Magnetic (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, 'Magnetic' released by Peyton Gilliland A lush and dynamic single with a bright pop edge to...

Jaycent D Brock – Deep Within Your Soul (Review)

Check out the music review of the new release, 'Deep Within Your Soul' released by Jaycent D Brock  Jaycent D Brock is what you could...

LeeMann Bassey – Honey (R & B Mix) (Review)

Check out this Review of new single from LeeMann Bassey titled 'Honey' (R&B Mix) LeeMann Bassey recently came out with a powerful new release titled...

Lee Clark Allen – Religion (Review)

Check out this Review of 'Religion' by Lee Clark Allen R&B singer Lee Clark Allen certainly knows a thing or two about crafting amazing melodies,...

Jaycent D Brock – Radiant Love (Review)

Check out ArtistRack's Review of 'Radiant Love' by Jaycent D Brock  “Radiant Love” is a new studio release from musician and performer Jaycent D Brock....

Lee Clark Allen – I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie (Review)

Lee Clark Allen possesses an impressive stage presence through his elaborate recording execution on his latest single 'I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie'. He sings...

Sonny Dumarsais – Transition (Review)

Transition is a symbolic testament to the shifting perspective of heartbreak and Sonny Dumarsais encapsulates this notion through his unprecedented sound and unmatched tenure. Dumarsais...


Jacob Payne - Loyalty

Jacob Payne – Loyalty

Presenting new single, 'Loyalty' from the talented artist, Jacob Payne A song that takes you on a walk in my shoes! https://open.spotify.com/track/0cLbLcSimVI5TxshqTjl4Z?si=0UCcvgNPTHCHmJXfuroq7g PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
Andy Cueto - Take Me To Your Heart

Andy Cueto – Take Me To Your Heart

Singer-songwriter Andy Cueto is back on the scene with a brand new studio single: Take Me To Your Heart. July 2020 - Singer and songwriter...
6crux9 - 4 My Daughter

6crux9 – For My Daughter

6crux9 proudly presents his new song, 'For My Daughter' taken off his latest album: Audio Master Going from an addict in a position of no...
Chill Pittman - Read Me

Chill Pittman – Read Me

Chill Pittman returns with a brand single, 'Read Me' Soul Rap artist and producer, Chill Pittman brings his 2nd single off his upcoming LP, "Gumbo"....
The Golden Ferrets - Daisy’s Riding Shotgun

The Golden Ferrets – Daisy’s Riding Shotgun

The Golden Ferrets return with a brand new single titled, 'Daisy’s Riding Shotgun' The Golden Ferrets are a brother and sister songwriting team. Daisy’s Riding...
Palmer - Warm Bars (Single Release)

Palmer – Warm Bars (Single Release)

Talented musician Palmer brings us a smooth remix track by the name of "Warm Bars" that adds a nice touch of jazz and beauty...
Edwrds - Drive

Edwrds – Drive

Visuals for the new single, 'Drive' by Edwrds This new single by EDWRDS is definitely a Summer bop! A great beat to turn up to...
Russell Sangma & G-I-Rilla - Stormbreaker

Russell Sangma & G-I-Rilla – Stormbreaker

Russell Sangma & G-I-Rilla drop the visuals for their latest single, 'Stormbreaker' A combination of rap and house music to create a trap song dedicated...

Lucy Ghavalli – Money On My Mind (Official Music Video)

Lucy Ghavalli presents the Official Music Video for her latest release, 'Money On My Mind' Lucy Ghavalli is a female rapper from Detroit Mi, she...
Nichelle Colvin - Headed to the Beach

Nichelle Colvin – Headed to the Beach

Headed to the Beach a new single from Nichelle Colvin's EP "Welcome to Gary" Headed to the Beach is a smooth jazz song and style...
$trangezworld - Crazy

$trangezworld – Crazy

$trangezworld's exclusive single, ''Crazy'' Now out on all major platforms. $trange represents a small city in Ontario Canada (Niagara-St.Catharines) https://open.spotify.com/track/5sOkvDDgwIGz1sEhz1l5jM?si=RrBYxOaeQ7qJerzOdCHUxw FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
The Jemini - I Know (Yeah Yeah)

The Jemini – I Know (Yeah Yeah)

The Jemini drops his new single, 'I Know (Yeah Yeah)' The thoughts of the jemini, knowing he can’t be alone decided to freestyle one night...

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