Lee Clark Allen – I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie (Review)

Lee Clark Allen - I Won't Tell Myself A Lie (Review)

Lee Clark Allen possesses an impressive stage presence through his elaborate recording execution on his latest single ‘I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie’.

He sings with an element of courage and confidence within every stanza and bar that displays his adaptability within the realm of creativity. The central ideology centers around the existential love and compassion for others through a magnitude of differentiated relationships and impulsive intentions.

These compositions contain an inspirational wisdom that establishes a litmus test of purity through direct experience right into the very fabric of the songwriting itself. There are elements of retroactive soul that varnishes into the chorus room consistency of Allen’s music with several harmonies of co-ed genders expanding through the modernity of intricate sound.

Furthermore, there are rudiments of cheerfulness embedded in the subtonalities of the single and these emotions serve as a relentless ambition to master the RnB craft within a respectful demeanor. Allen’s purpose is apparent as his riveting songwriting talents infiltrate the souls of the listening audience and gives them a sense of “Why?” that so many competing artists lack or strive for.

Allen’s superior capacities are reverting RnB from the cynical nature of modern sound into the love-focused music it once was.

You can Listen to ‘I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie’ by Lee Clark Allen Here: