Lee Clark Allen – Religion (Review)

Lee Clark Allen - Religion (Review)

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R&B singer Lee Clark Allen certainly knows a thing or two about crafting amazing melodies, and combining them with personal lyrics that have a lot of emotional weight and meaning depth to offer. His most recent release, “Religion” is actually a more than adequate example to represent Lee’s amazing songwriting skills, as well as his utter dedication to the creation of beautiful musical works that have a strong sense of production, performance, arrangement and songwriting alike.

The song is lush and forward-thinking, making for a very intriguing and personal twist. Arguably, this artist feels every word he is singing, deep within, making for a genuine listening experience that is actually very easy to relate to for people from all walks of life. This song will certainly warm your heart with a lush, positive and remarkable sound, which not only has all the great hallmarks of a great R&B song, but also the qualities of a track that you will deeply enjoy.

You can listen to ‘Religion’ by Lee Clark Allen here:


“Religion” is the second studio single from Lee Clark Allen’s upcoming debut album, Little Rock! Lee Clark Allen is an American Rnb/Soul and Jazz singer-songwriter, residing in Denver, CO. Lee Clark Allen’s first debut single from Little Rock is “I Won’t Tell Myself a Lie,” which has received international and national recognition.

Lee Clark Allen – Lead vocal; background vocals; piano
Britney Jane: Background vocalist
Jonathan Grimsley – Drums
Nolan Ramminger: Bass
Gabe O’Hara; Gutiar
Martin Meskill: Sax

Recorded at: Modern Art Rock Studios; Performance High; Colorado Sound Studios
Mixed: Andre Bearfield
Mastered: Tom Capek (Colorado Sound Studios)