Jaycent D Brock – Radiant Love (Review)

Jaycent D Brock - Radiant Love (Review)

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“Radiant Love” is a new studio release from musician and performer Jaycent D Brock. This instrumental single is a really unique song that highlight’s Jaycent’s unique skills with a production approach that feels contemporary and direct.

The artist’s lead brass playing is absolutely impressive. He is able to combine unique expressive vibes with strong charisma and a lot of energy, and the great thing about his music is that it really bridges the gaps between different genres and ideas. From the creativity of jazz, the grooves of funk, soul and R&B, everything is possible. Jaycent set out to combine the natural instincts of his beautiful playing with a production that feels modern and direct.

The melodies are really vibrant, adding a lot of color to the track. On the other hand, the beat is super-punchy and very forward-thinking, making for a truly diverse and immediate feel. When you think about soloists such as Jaycent, you probably would picture a more traditional band context, and this is the reason why his work comes off as so unique and special. He has a strong passion for really intriguing arrangements that bring his vision to the next level, as well as showing off different sides of his vision and concept.

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Hello My Name is Jaycent D Brock I am from Birmingham Al. I became interested in music when I was in the 4th grade . I learned to play alto Saxophone as well as the Tenor and the soprano saxophone to. I released my first single As the sun sets in Dec 2015 and the following year I released my First CD entitled ” If You Love Me” which is for a friend who wrote a book and asked if I could do a music CD for their book . To this date I now have 8 CD’s out . And I would like to Thank God for blessing me with this gift and I thank you the listener for listening to my music too!