LeeMann Bassey – Honey (R & B Mix) (Review)

LeeMann Bassey - Honey (R & B Mix) (Review)

Check out this Review of new single from LeeMann Bassey titled ‘Honey’ (R&B Mix)

LeeMann Bassey recently came out with a powerful new release titled “Honey (R&B Mix).” This unique track showcases the artist’s remarkable ability to create catchy melodies and unique textures, allowing his production to reach new astonishing heights. One of the most distinctive elements of this release is the fact this song has a world-class modern sound, but it still retains a cool vintage vibe and a unique tone. This song has a velvet-smooth tone and a passionate vocal delivery to match the great value of the production. Even if the track is nice and polished, it never sounds overproduced, and it makes for a really warm and direct feel.

Like some of the best R&B releases of our time, this song is a great combination of lyrics that exude emotional responses, as well as modern melodies and cool grooves. There is something really special about artists who can really fill the gaps between the old school and the new, and LeeMan Bassey is a true master at this particular achievement. His songs always feel like a good old friend, but as if you were meeting him/her for the very first time!

Once again, LeeMann Bassey set out to demonstrate his great versatility and accomplished flow, as well as allowing his great taste and keen creative sensibilities to come through.

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LeeMann Bassey is a talented artist with a passion for soulful R&B vibes and electrifying dance music.

Hailing from Central Islip, NY, LeeMann set out to charm his audience with a blend of stunning melodies, infectious grooves and great beats, in order to create a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound. He debuted officially during the summer of 2017 although changed his stage name to Lee Alexander after a brief stint in the gospel music realm.

Currently, the artist is working with Bentley Records, and just released his debut EP “Color Blind.”

The new EP is a great example of LeeMann’s creative direct, marking a really unique step forward for this artist, whose sound is becoming increasingly more personal and defined.

This charismatic performer is quickly generating quite a powerful buzz around his work. Due to his distinctive approach to songwriting, LeeMann has often been likened to artists as diverse as Prince, Michael Jackson or D’Angelo, just to mention a few.

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