Jaycent D Brock – Deep Within Your Soul (Review)

Check out the music review of the new release, ‘Deep Within Your Soul’ released by Jaycent D Brock 

Jaycent D Brock is what you could consider the quintessential soul artist. The melodies of his music are emotional and intuitive, yet catchy and filled with mass-appeal. His sound has a classic edge, yet it also sounds modern and forward-thinking. His most recent release, “Deep Within Your Soul” is a great showcase of Jaycent’s natural skills as an instrumentalist, and song arranger. What we really love about this release is that it has excellent dynamics. From loud to soft, from edgy to understated, listening to this release is a bit like undertaking a journey, where Jaycent will guide you with his fearless and inspired performances.

In addition to Jaycent’s astonishing musical abilities, this new project also excels in terms of recording and production. The richly nuanced tone of this release allows every subtlety of Jaycent’s performance to come through the mix, making for an exciting and forward-thinking mix in every respect.  The Alabama artist really upped the ante, with yet another fantastic piece of music.

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Jaycent D Brock is from Birmingham Al. He became interested in music when he was in 4th grade . Jaycent D Brock learned to play alto Saxophone as well as the Tenor and the soprano saxophone to. He released his first single ‘As the sun sets’ in Dec 2015 and the following year Ihe released his First CD entitled ” If You Love Me” which is for a friend who wrote a book and asked if he could do a music CD for their book . To this date Jaycent D Brock now has 8 CD’s out.