Peyton Gilliland – Magnetic (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Magnetic’ released by Peyton Gilliland

A lush and dynamic single with a bright pop edge to it.

Peyton Gilliland is a talented singer and songwriter based in Alabama, USA. Her music is a perfect concoction of soulful R&B and glistening pop melodies that really resonate with the audience. At such a young age, this amazing artist already acknowledged so much, and she constantly sets the bar higher with her newest releases. Her brand new single, “Magnetic,” is actually a fantastic example.

The song certainly lives up to its title due to Peyton’s charismatic and memorable performance. Her vocals are far-reaching, dynamic and personal, filled with emotion in every single note. Peyton’s work is absolutely outstanding, particularly when you consider the fact that she is all about creating catchy music that still has a sense of depth and character.

If you enjoy the work of artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse or Ellie Goulding, I couldn’t recommend Peyton’s enough. Her blooming melodies and gracious vocal dynamics are truly unforgettable.

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