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Desean – Championship DNA (Review)

Desean is back on the scene with a brand new studio release: Championship DNA. January 2021 - Desean is back on the scene with...

Anwesa – On The Streets (Review)

Anwesa is back on the scene with a brand new release: "On The Streets" January 2021 – Anwesa, a high school student is an...

Kate Magdalena – In the Bleak Midwinter (Review)

(MUSIC REVIEW) Kate Magdalena introducing a brand new EP: In The Bleak Midwinter. November 2020 - Kate Magdalena’s new EP is a stunning studio record...

SiennatheAnonymous – Dark Secret (Review)

SiennatheAnonymous - Dark Secret SiennatheAnonymous is back with a new release: Dark Secret November 2020 - SiennatheAnonymous is a recording artist and singer who is...
Route 1 - Bad Vibes

Route 1 – Bad Vibes (Review)

Route 1 is back on the scene with a brand new single: Bad Vibes. October 2020: Route 1 is a music producer with a...

A.G.K – 500 Fenchurch (Review)

A.G.K is back on the scene with a brand new single release: 500 Fenchurch October 2020 - A.G.K is a hip-hop artist who recently...

Mi$tuh G – G.W.O. (Review)

Mi$tuh G is back on the scene with a brand new studio release: G.W.O. September 2020: Rap artist Mi$tuh G recently dropped a new...

Ayokipp – Life So Far (Review)

Ayokipp - Life So Far Ayokipp has just dropped his dynamic new hip-hop album, “Life So Far”. The first track, “Never Change” has a stellar...

Just Mill – Da Gospel of MiLL (Review)

Music Review for the new release, 'Da Gospel of MiLL' by Just Mill Just Mill has just released her brand new full-length album, “Da Gospel...

Jordan E. Spivack – Jump For You (Review)

Music Review for the single 'Jump For You' by Jordan E. Spivack August 2020 - Recording artist Jordan E. Spivack loves to make music that...


St. Desmen - Runnin

St. Desmen – Runnin

St. Desmen is back with a brand new studio single: Runnin January 2021 - Hailing from Alicante, Spain, artist and producer St. Desmen managed to...
Adell J. - Superwoman

Adell J. – Superwoman

Adell J. introducing socially-inspired new single: Superwoman January 2021 - Let’s face it, the past year or so has been quite a challenging time. Not...
Barry the Bizness - Maannee!

Barry the Bizness – Maannee!

Barry the Bizness to release a new song: Maannee!! January 2021 - Memphis artist and rap songwriter Barry the Bizness is back on the scene...
Curtis Melton - Skywaves

Curtis Melton – Skywaves

Curtis Melton presents: Skywaves. January 2021 - Curtis Melton is a composer and artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a musician, he set out...
ArcticSnow - Call Me

ArcticSnow – Call Me

ArcticSnow presents his new single, 'Call Me' ArcticSnow, the solo offshoot of AyOH’s Lin Takrudtong, is a vulnerable exploration into the dark side of indie...
Trévon Slaten - Moment

Trévon Slaten – Moment

Trévon Slaten announces the release of his new sinlgle, 'Moment' Inspired by artist such as Sam Smith, Frank Ocean, Jhené Aiko, and Miguel. I tapped...
W. Dire Wolff, Sundance Jump - Cheyenne Wind

W. Dire Wolff, Sundance Jump – Cheyenne Wind

Cheyenne Wind by W. Dire Wolff & Sundance Jump Cheyenne Wind features Sarah Rosenberg on violin and vocals, on this western folk ballad. From the...
Tommy Gibbons - Cyber Kaiju

Tommy Gibbons – Cyber Kaiju

Tommy Gibbons announces the release of his new single, 'Cyber Kaiju' Welcome to 2021! After MK Music Artist Tommy Gibbons' successful radio campaign of "Tonight"...
Mystic The Great - Call It What You Want

Mystic The Great – Call It What You Want

Mystic The Great is back with his new single release, 'Call It What You Want' Heart a Love, weed can be use to treat so...
Deezy104 - Blow up

Deezy104 – Blow up

Deezy104 presents his latest track, 'Blow Up' This song Blow up (that is already out) will be on the new Album which Release is set...

Mare – Always

Mare introducing her brand new single release, 'Always' Smooth rhythm, expressions of love . Definitely a soothing sound for lovers and late night drives ....
SkyTouch - Moon Goddess

SkyTouch – Moon Goddess

SkyTouch presents, 'Moon Goddess' Artist out of Nashville, this song represents thinking about the perfect person for you but realizing there is no perfect people...

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