Cheryl Craigie – Cold (Review)

Cheryl Craigie has released a new project named "Cold". October 2022 - Cheryl Craigie is an artist who makes music from the heart. Her most...
Garrett Manning - Beer Me (Review)

Garrett Manning – Beer Me (Review)

Garrett Manning has announced a new studio single: Beer Me. April 2022 - Garrett Manning is a singer and songwriter who recently announced the...

SiennatheAnonymous – Dark Secret (Review)

SiennatheAnonymous - Dark Secret SiennatheAnonymous is back with a new release: Dark Secret November 2020 - SiennatheAnonymous is a recording artist and singer who is...
Kate Magdalena - Take Me to Church (Review)

Kate Magdalena – Take Me to Church (Review)

Check out ArtistRack's review of Kate Magdalena's single 'Take Me to Church': A strong combination of powerful melodies and intimate lyrics with a classic country...
Rob Georg - Radio Cowboy

Rob Georg – Radio Cowboy (Review)

Check out ArtistRack's review of Rob Georg's brand new album, Radio Cowboy Rob Georg’s music is a combination of country, rock and Americana. You would...
ArtistRack Reviews 'Songs from The Suck' by Randy Steele

ArtistRack Reviews ‘Songs from The Suck’ by Randy Steele

The composite recordings on Randy Steele’s ‘Songs From The Suck' were arranged in a syncopated, off beat fashion that added to the distinguished characteristics...

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