Socorro LeRoux – Social Distancing Freestyle (Review)

MUSIC REVIEW – Socorro LeRoux presents a brand new freestyle track: Social Distancing Freestyle.

March 2021: Socorro LeRoux is a rap artist who has a spontaneous flow, and a passion for relating to other people with insightful and clever lyrics, as opposed to going for the usual cliches of the genre. His most recent freestyle track, Social Distancing Freestyle, is actually a really good example of this. This song denotes the artist’s ability to create a spontaneous and clever lyrical flow, but more importantly, he also has the uncanny ability to talk about a topic that most people know of or care about, in such a way that he offers a fresh perspective, and that the narrative is incredibly easy to relate to. We have all experienced some crazy times due to the COVID-19 guidelines, and this freestyle is a commentary on social distancing, looking back on what we have had to endure, and what we are probably going to keep endure for quite a while longer. Thankfully, artists like Socorro LeRoux are here to help us get through these lonely socially distant days with some great new music!

Find out more about Socorro LeRoux, and do not miss out on his new excellent freestyle, Social Distancing Freestyle.