Anwesa – On The Streets (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Anwesa is back on the scene with a brand new release: “On The Streets”

January 2021 – Anwesa, a high school student is an artist with a focus on creating music that seamlessly blurs the lines between a wide range of genre definitions and creative ideas. Her sound combines the energy of pop with the melodic edge of acoustic indie, which sets the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus. Her most recent release, “On The Streets”, has a melodic tone, and a very important topic, as it deals with the problem of homelessness. The song has a very uplifting narrative through the lyrics and the visuals in the Youtube video, but it is also quite an amazing musical achievement in its own right. “On The Streets” is definitely an outstanding example of her commitment to creating quality music that will connect with people, not only due to the integrity of the production value, but also due to Anwesa’s signature approach to musical storytelling. If this release is any indication, this is going to be an exciting new year of creativity and success for this talented recording artist.

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Anwesa is a singer composer, songwriter, poet and writer. She is a high school student. She chooses various topics on Life & different themes that touch her heart to write & compose Originals. The depth of her lyrics goes beyond her years.

She is passionate about making a difference to the world through her music. She believes in the cause of social justiceShe has been a crusader for the less fortunate from a very young age. She often volunteers at orphanages bringing the kids joy of food, clothes, gifts and essentials. Her hobbies are writing poetry and roller skating