Michael Koullas – …In All Honesty (Review)

Michael Koullas - ...In All Honesty (Review)

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“In All Honesty” is a stunning new release from Cyprus-based artist and musician Michael Koullas. The beautifully evocative style of the album artwork is a perfect visual complement to the sound of the music. Much like the vibrant water-color shades of the artwork image, Michael’s sound has a beautifully expressionistic feel to it. He is undoubtedly a forward-thinking artist who loves to experiment with various ideas, combining the edge of rock with the melodies of pop, as well as featuring more experimental ideas on his songs.

“In All Honesty” stands out as a compelling, poignant and direct project, which portrays the artist’s personality in a very natural and unadulterated way. To top it off, the production is absolutely excellent, with a “human” and “organic” feel that really adds to the emotion and realness of this release. This particular release features 4 original songs, including opener “Desert Tunes,” a catchy indie rock jam that makes you think of artist such as Arctic Monkeys or The Kooks, but with a fun reggae/ska twist.

The following track, “Dirty Tricks” is definitely more of a full-on rock song, which reminds me of acts such as Foo Fighters or Biffy Clyro, only to mention a few. This is a heavy, massive and unique track with some amazing rock grooves and huge-sounding drums. The following song, “Motion-Emotion” is another fun rock song with a catchy approach and a memorable guitar tone. I love the combination of funky grooves and soulful vocals.

Last, but not least, “Around” is a tuneful track, which reveals the more intimate side of this release, and it stands out as a great curtain closer.

You can listen to ‘In All Honesty’ by Michael Koullas here