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Mark Rogers – Rearranged (Review)

ArtistRack reviews 'Rearranged' by Mark Rogers:The acoustical conceptualization of Roger’s music provides a gentle twangy malleability that hones in a warming unison formula of...
Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers - Psychopaths & Sycophants (Review)

Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers – Psychopaths & Sycophants (Review)

Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers have just released their much-anticipated album Psychopaths & Sycophants.The first, energetic track on this dynamic and engaging album is...
The Twindows - Valkyrie 2.0 (Review)

The Twindows – Valkyrie 2.0 (Review)

The Twindows are an alternative rock band with a fondness with edgy melodies, in-your-face lyricism and gritty production aesthetics.Their recent release is a full-length...
Ivan Beecroft - Whatever (review)

Ivan Beecroft – Whatever (review)

Ivan Beecroft has just released his newest album 'Whatever' pioneering his personal experience through creative innovation for the betterment of others. The impeccable chord...


Dru Cutler has just released his newly – renowned extended play 'Oceanside' that has infiltrated the independent music scene with premeditated vigor.
Söur Bruthers - Söur Bruthers (Review)

Söur Bruthers – Söur Bruthers (Review)

Söur Bruthers ups their creative capacity on their debut self titled EP “Söur Bruthers” serving as a prequel for innovative future ventures pioneering sound in an upward progression towards the decisive pinnacle of timeless music. The twangy strumming portions of the EP were an amalgam to the overall composition’s structural efficiency within the frequency spectrum and musical variety.
Chapell – Soul Man EP (Music Review) - ArtistRack

Chapell – Soul Man EP (Music Review)

Chapell’s highly anticipated EP 'Soul Man' has officially hit the marketplace and has been generating a positively receptive buzz within the independent music community. The mixture of acoustic sound with the crunchy lofi distortion layers in a phased ensemble of musical sophistication that reveres this band as a leading contender in the erudite genre of innovation.
ArtistRack Reviews 'I Know Better' by SURREAL NATION

ArtistRack Reviews ‘I Know Better’ by SURREAL NATION

Surreal Nation congregates a 5-set ensemble of musicianship on their newest EP “I Know Better” meshing deliberate professional sound originating from the folk and rock genres.The throwback tonality of their music relates to a 60’s aura of instrumentation that engulfs each sound sector while simultaneously paying homage to the alternative facets of music. The indie focal point of their vision is an indicator of the inspirational attitude each band member encapsulates throughout their creative gateways.
ArtistRack Reviews Robbing Johnny's latest release 'COLD MARCH'

ArtistRack Reviews Robbing Johnny’s latest release ‘Cold March’

The live music vibrancies and theatrical nature of Robbing Johnny’s latest release 'Cold March' provides a unique recording relationship where there is an unprecedented...
ArtistRack Reviews 'Breach' by Nail Hide Metal

ArtistRack Reviews ‘Breach’ by Nail Hide Metal

The searing guitar tonalities on Nail Hide Metal’s newest album 'Breach' provide a distinction within the saturation components with a nice tube-like low end...

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