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Nick Ostrye – The Dark Watchers

Nick Ostrye releases new EP: The Dark Watchers Combining influences from hard rock and heavy metal, The Dark Watchers is the first EP from talented...

Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff – Zodiac Killer

Check out the visuals for the new song, 'Zodiac Killer' released by Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff  Zodiac Killer is a wild Indie Rock...

DePrime – I’ll Be Here

DePrime, a band from the Lakeland area, announced a brand new release, I’ll Be Here.” March 2020 - This is a time of uncertainty for...

Mark Ambuter – These Tears

These Tears Words and Music... Mark Ambuter Produced By Dan Matovina Mark Ambuter... Lead Vocals and Guitars Joth Little... Lead Guitars Bass... Rick Harrison Drums... Steve Villalobos This is definitely Progressive...

Katie Belle – Love Someone (Explicit)

Katie Belle introducing brand new studio release: Love Someone March 2020 - Katie Belle is an American singer and songwriter who started the year with...

Black Angel – Georgene

Black Angel presenting their exciting new single, 'Georgene' Black Angel is from The San Francisco Bay Area California. J.C. Martin - Vocals and guitars, Courtney...

City of Sound – I For One

City of Sound proudly presenting their new single, 'I For One' Amidst all the darkness that we are surrounded by, this song is about the...

Leon Ampersand – When You Know

Presenting new song, 'When You Know' by Leon Ampersand A musical project by the former members of the Boston Band Pretty & Nice. https://open.spotify.com/track/3e1BEvgvDyq7fhnH7yvMfv?si=-kfP-cs9S7mVCJvmPnewUw FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM...

Chance Munsterman – Every Step

Chance Munsterman presenting his exciting new single, 'Every Step' Chance Munsterman is a singer/songwriter based in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. His latest single "Every Step" is...

Mark Ambuter – The Happy Ones

The Happy Ones Words and Music - Mark Ambuter Produced By Dan Matovina This is a track off “A Scratch of Grace” My 2016 First Ever Solo...


Akash - Eye Can Tell

Akash – Eye Can Tell

Akash is back on the scene with a new single, Eye Can Tell” March 2020 - Akash is a recording artist based in Bergen County,...
Baner - Day Ones

Baner – Day Ones

Baner proudly presents new release, 'Day Ones' Hello there, made a rap song that I feel crosses over a lot of styles and wanting to...
MJ - Houston Strong (Review)

MJ – Houston Strong (Review)

Check out this review of the new single, 'Houston Strong' released by MJ MJ introducing brand new release, Houston Strong (Prod. By Rob The Matrix) March...


SE1V1EN presenting the Official Music Video for: MIA North Miami Beach Se1v1en (pronounced Seven Eleven) has been gaining recognition regionally with his city-repping anthem, "M.I.A."....
D.bé Jayri - Beyond the Sky

D.bé Jayri – Beyond the Sky

New song, 'Beyond the Sky' by D.bé Jayri A song written by D.bé Jayri, to encourage the soul to be hopeful. This track comprises of...
Delbert Defonico - You Say What

Delbert Defonico – You Say What

Delbert Defonico prouldy presents, 'You Say What' Delbert Defonico played in high school bands and was awarded a full ride scholarship to Vincennes University in...
Stephen Voyce - Love in Montreal City

Stephen Voyce – Love in Montreal City

Presenting new single, 'Love in Montreal City' by Stephen Voyce Love in Montreal City follows Stephen Voyce’s most recent releases, Summer Lust & Tap Your...
Cole-Man - Think About You

Cole-Man – Think About You

Check out the new song, 'Think About You' by Cole-Man Think about you is a beautiful house track that everyone can dance to. https://open.spotify.com/track/53xhaHyUAsVervfmTvMtOy?si=L6LOVIfPQ6iWhSWtbGJINw FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
IT’S PEDRITO – Essence: Panoptic

IT’S PEDRITO – Essence: Panoptic

IT’S PEDRITO introducing his latest release, 'Essence: Panoptic' Coming off of his debut single release. Pedrito is showing no signs of slowing down and has...
Jay Anthony - Suitcase, Pt. 1

Jay Anthony – Suitcase, Pt. 1

Jay Anthony presenting his single, 'Suitcase, Pt. 1' Hello my name is Jay Anthony this is my bio, when I was young I got caught...
Al Deezy - Independent

Al Deezy – Independent

Al Deezy presenting his new single: Independent (Independent) A Song representing the passion I have for my craft. https://open.spotify.com/track/701I7JTFfMaMSz1fH0AVCl?si=cHu65oJPQFmP6w31Hkrjig FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM |...
JoNny EastCoast - Heartache

Jonny EastCoast – Heartache

Jonny EastCoast proudly presenting new single, 'Heartache' Look her in the eyes and see the pain!!! I told her that in life it’s hard to...

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