Introducing, ‘The Undisputed Truth’

Introducing, 'The New Undisputed Truth'

The Undisputed Truth returns with new members and new music!

The Motown group that brought you the hit song from the 70s – Smiling Faces Sometimes returns after nearly 50 years with new members and a daring new CD entitled – Truth Gon’ Set You Free.  The album is a slick R&B groove infused with clever additions of rock, funk and jazz.  The project takes listeners on a suspenseful musical journey from start to finish and features some of Detroit’s finest musicians including Motown Guitarist – Dennis Coffey; Bassist – Ralphe Armstrong; Drummer – Gayelynn McKinney; and many others.  Original singer – Joe ‘Pep” Harris delivers powerful lead vocals that are truly timeless while the soulful vocals of BJ Evans (also an original member), Dazee Love, and Jaki G solidify this socially-conscious project. Both Dazee & Jaki G Joined the Undisputed Truth in 2005. All 4 vocalist deliver dynamic performances reminiscent of their hit “Smiling Faces Sometimes”
Truth Gon’ Set You Free will leave listeners on the edge of their seats as clever musical arrangements continually unfold.  Irresistible, relevant, and incredibly entertaining with a timely message for young and old!